Damn the Torpedoes!

The conventional wisdom is that Nancy Pelosi has been battling with members of her caucus who want to vote impeachment articles against President Trump. Many speculate that she is irate with, for example, Jerry Nadler, who purports to be using House committee hearings to build a case for impeachment. On a radio show last Friday, I said that I am not sure any such conflict exists. Pelosi may very well consider this a best case scenario: hotheads like Nadler keep yammering about impeachment, holding hearings, etc., thereby keeping the base riled upon and impeachment in the headlines, while Pelosi never actually brings impeachment up for a House vote, and thereby avoids antagonizing moderates. If you are a Democrat, what is wrong with this picture?

Impeachment is, of course, a lost cause. It probably was never in the cards, certainly not after the Mueller debacle. Michael Ramirez satirizes Nadler and others who apparently are trying to move the impeachment ship forward:

My guess is that impeachment mania will fade when the 2020 campaign is seriously underway and the Democrats focus on their only realistic means of bringing the reviled Trump administration to a close.