Whose Side Are They On?

That is a question that often occurs to me when I watch the Democrats’ anti-American hate-fest. (No, this post isn’t about the media’s slavering homage to Megan Rapinoe, but it could be.) The Southern border is a litmus test: do they believe that the United States has a right to exist as a sovereign nation, or don’t they?

For many Democrats, the answer evidently is No. That goes for all of the Democratic presidential contenders: I believe all of them have signed on to the notion of free medical care (along with many other welfare benefits, of course) for illegal aliens. This isn’t exactly treason–a word that is thrown around much too often these days–but it certainly amounts to selling out the interests of American citizens.

A startling example of the Democrats’ disregard of the interests of American citizens is Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, who reportedly has sent her aides to Mexico to help illegal immigrants game the asylum system by pretending that they don’t speak Spanish. Why, exactly, would an important member of our government, accountable to the citizens of the United States, do this? Last we knew, Escobar’s office had no comment.

Here is a brief report:

In what universe does it make sense for a Congresswoman to send her aides–all of whom are on the taxpayers’ payroll!–to Mexico to coach illegal aliens on how to improperly gain admission to the U.S. and access to our lavish welfare benefits?

The universe inhabited by pretty much the entire Democratic Party, apparently.