Bruce Ohr Speaks

Judicial Watch has obtained the FBI’s “302” forms summarizing agents’ conversations with former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr. You can read the reports here, and I have also embedded them at the bottom of this post.

The 302 forms relate to a considerable number of interviews that the FBI conducted with Ohr between December 19, 2016, and May 16, 2017. The reports can be viewed in two ways: you might conclude from them that Ohr and those with whom he was collaborating, i.e., Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele and his own wife Nellie Ohr, swallowed rumors about Donald Trump and Russia hook, line and sinker, but acted in good faith. Or you might view them as confirming that Ohr was part of a Democratic Party conspiracy to bring down presidential candidate, and later president, Donald Trump.

At some point in 2017, the reports imply that the FBI wanted Ohr to stay in touch with Christopher Steele. Ohr would have a conversation with Steele (sometimes initiated over Whats App) and then he would meet with FBI agents to relate the substance of the conversation. The FBI used Ohr to ask Steele whether he would be willing to meet with FBI agents in the U.K. There is also talk about whether Steele would or would not testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. (He didn’t.) It is hard to tell from these reports what the FBI was investigating. Were they trying to get more information from Steele to help them go after President Trump, or by this time had they caught on to the DNC/Clinton/Simpson/Steele fraud, and were they investigating Steele and his confederates? From the reports, I can’t tell.

These documents, like most produced pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, are replete with redactions that make them hard to follow. Nevertheless, some statements are striking. Here are a few. [ ] indicates a redaction:

In late July 2016, possibly Saturday, July 30, 2016, [ ] [Ed.: I assume this is Christopher Steele, or possibly Glenn Simpson] called OHR and asked to meet for breakfast as he/she was in Washington, D.C. and had some serious stuff to talk about. [ ] planned to also tell SA [ ] [Who is SA? I don’t know. Any ideas?] about the information he/she had collected. OHR met [ ] for breakfast where OHR was told that Carter Page had met with high level officials in Russia. Page met with Sechin and one other person. The media had already documented Page’s trip to Moscow at that time. The FSB had Trump over a barrel.

This is the DNC’s version of the story. We know now that Carter Page, having been surveilled by the federal government for months without result, is the most innocent man in America. But these lies were the basis for all that followed.

Here, Ohr apparently refers to the several memos that formed Steele’s infamous “dossier,” all of which, as best we can tell, was fabricated, either by Steele or by others:

At that time, [ ] had provided [ ] with two reports regarding these topics while Glen [sic] Simpson had four.

Ohr had a good understanding of the anti-Trump players:

OHR knew Glen Simpson hired [ ] [Ed.: Obviously Christopher Steele] to dig up Trump’s connections to Russia. OHR’s wife is a Russian translator and was hired to conduct open source research.

What a coincidence! Is Nellie Ohr the only Russian speaker in Washington? Or were she and her husband closely tied to the anti-Trump plan by the DNC and others?

Even though she did not know the goal of the project, she was able to surmise the purpose as the individuals she was researching were close to Trump.

Is this a joke? Presumably she would fully understand her bring-down-Trump mission by talking with her husband.

OHR knew that Glen Simpson was hired by a lawyer who does opposition research. [Ed.: That is Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, the law firm that represents the Democratic National Committee. They don’t do opposition research for Republicans.] OHR knew [ ] reporting on Trump’s ties to Russia were going to the Clinton Campaign, Jon Winer at the U.S. State Department and the FBI. OHR was aware that Simpson was passing [ ] [Ed.: Christopher Steele’s information, I assume] information to many individuals or entities and at times [ ] would attend meetings with Simpson.

You could read this to say that Ohr is confessing to being part of of a Democratic Party plot to bring down Donald Trump.

There is breathless talk about the “Alfa server” which supposedly supplies the link between the Trump campaign and Russia. That claim has long been debunked, but it lingers in Ohr’s conversations with FBI agents.

Here, Ohr obviously refers to the rabidly anti-Trump Christopher Steele:

[ ] was desperate that Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being not being the U.S. President.

That describes the whole DNC/Hillary Clinton/Glenn Simpson/Christopher Steele/John Brennan/James Comey/Andrew McCabe/CNN/New York Times/Washington Post/Associated Press cabal.

OHR never believed [ ][Ed.: Steele, obviously] was making up information or shading it. He/she would say this is what [ ] are telling me. There are always Russian conspiracy theories that come from the Kremlin.

This is deniability. Are the rumors we are publishing about candidate (then President) Trump true? Who knows? But someone in Russia supposedly started the rumors, so that is good enough for us Democrats.

Ohr goes on to tell the FBI agents about a “theory” he heard from a redacted person. About that, he says:

OHR honestly believes [ ] reported what he heard from [ ] but that doesn’t make that story true.

Unfortunately, this was not the principle that the Democratic Party press followed in reporting on the Trump/Russia hoax. Here we see another element of the anti-Trump fraud:

Simpson identified Michael Cohen, a lawyer in Brooklyn, NY as having many Russian clients in the Brighton Beach, NY area. Cohen is the go-between Russia and the Trump Campaign and replaced Paul Manafort and Carter Page. Cohen’s wife’s last name is Shusterman [Long redaction here. It would be interesting to know what it was about Cohen’s wife that interested the FBI.] Cohen may have attended a meeting in Prague, possibly in September, regarding the Trump Campaign and the Russians.

We now know this is lies and nonsense. Cohen is a skunk, but he did not attend any such meeting in Prague. And the suggestion that Cohen has “replaced” Paul Manafort and Carter Page as Trump’s “go-between” can be read as an acknowledgement that spying on Manafort and Page had come up dry.

Here, Glenn Simpson admits that he doesn’t even know who one of his key “sources” for information about Donald Trump is:

According to Simpson, much of his collection about the Trump campaign ties to Russia comes from [ ]. Simpson does not know his name.

There is much more, all wildly speculative at best. You can read as much of it as you like below. As noted above, at some point it becomes hard to tell whom the FBI thinks it is investigating. One would hope that agents wised up to the anti-President Trump conspiracy launched by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, with the aid of Democrats like Bruce and Nellie Ohr, but it is not clear that this is what happened.

These are the documents obtained by Judicial Watch:

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