Showdown In Houston

The Democratic presidential contenders will square off in Houston tonight. Meanwhile, things are already heating up there. President Trump has a giant anti-socialism banner circling the city:

Is there any possible way the Democrats can get through the evening without talking about the banner, and explaining why their “socialism” won’t destroy the economy? I doubt it.

Another confrontation is also underway. Greenpeace thugs have shut down the Houston Ship Channel and issued this statement:

As we hang here, the Democratic candidates are getting ready for the #DemDebates just a few hours from now here in Houston.

We challenge every candidate on stage tonight to promise to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable if they become president.

Accountable for contributing, more than any other industry, to America’s strength and prosperity. Greenpeace’s crime brought this excellent rejoinder from the Texas Railroad Commissioner:

Maybe it’s just me, but I am skeptical that the Democrats’ anti-development, pro-poverty platform will be a springboard to success.