Bye-Bye Bernie?

The stars seem to be aligning for Elizabeth Warren. First, female rival Kamala Harris proved not ready for prime time and failed to achieve lift-off. Next, Joe Biden reminded voters why his previous presidential campaigns have gone nowhere. He is perhaps the one candidate who–to be blunt–was never smart enough to be president, even when in full possession of his faculties. And now, he is neck-deep in the only real Ukraine scandal, the fact that a Ukrainian natural gas company paid the Biden family $3 million in order to buy influence with the Obama administration, where Biden was responsible for Ukraine policy.

Yesterday Bernie Sanders, Warren’s principal rival in the Democrats’ “socialist lane,” underwent heart surgery and canceled all events and appearances until further notice. Doctors say Sanders should be all right, but his surgery not only puts a dent in his campaign schedule, it reminds voters that he is 78 years old. On the trail, he looks his age and more. Warren already was pulling ahead of Sanders in most polls, and Sanders’ health issues likely will accelerate that process.

So right now, it looks like the Democratic nomination is Warren’s to lose.

Which doesn’t mean that she has things easy on the campaign trail. Yesterday she was in Nevada, and the Nevada GOP arranged for a welcoming committee at the airport. I don’t usually approve of confronting politicians in public places, but given their own outrageous conduct, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the Democrats have it coming. No doubt their push to impeach the president will inflame his supporters and provoke more encounters like this one: