Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll ponders RESISTANCE, RESILIENCE, & BATTLE FATIGUE. She writes:

On my earliest report card, my kindergarten teacher had already spotted a pint-sized manic-depressive: “Little Susan is very easily elated or depressed,” she wrote in 1951. Luckily, most of the time I was – and still am – elated. In a manic phase, you wouldn’t even BELIEVE what can be accomplished, especially paired with a touch of OCD.

So though I may be more prone to depression than some, I sense that many of us cannot get our heads around all that has been thrown at our President and, by extension, against us Deplorables. It’s a relentless, coordinated, and tedious coup attempt. This week I turn 73, and I have never seen anything like this in my long life. Sometimes even a normally cheerful person can get towed under from the never-ending tsunami of lies.

WE MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! When our hateful and humorless overlords try to make us too depressed to fight back, joy becomes a revolutionary act.

It often seems that the forces of totalitarianism have all the weapons – every single television network, except for a few programs on Fox (Tucker, Laura, Sean), every newspaper, Hollywood, sports, education, woke corporations, and the powerful tech billionaires. Why not just give up? We have Rush (an army of one, bless him), and a few great bloggers. And, oh yeah, millions of the most productive, smart, useful, independent and patriotic Americans.

We can’t give up because we owe it not just to our children and grandchildren to fight, but to the ones who came before who pledged their lives and treasure in order to bequeath us the miracle of opportunity and liberty we have inherited. Because the Education Establishment presents American history as one long bleak opportunity for icky white people to oppress everyone in sight, it is incumbent on the rest of us to set the record straight.

How many young people understand how perilously close the American Revolution came to being crushed by the foremost military power in the world at that time? For the first part of that brutal 8-year war against England, General Washington spent most of his time trying to keep the Continental Army together, disciplined, fed, shod, and on the run to avoid being wiped out. Though a decisive victory would not come until 1781 at Yorktown, early on he won a couple of important battles in New Jersey, including, of course, the famous crossing of the Delaware to surprise and kill or capture the Hessian mercenaries.

The Brits and Hessians thought the ragtag bunch of American colonists were an unprofessional army of Deplorable upstarts. They were the first to disparage what might then have been called “Ride-Over Land.” Big mistake. The commander of the Hessians, Col. Johann Rall, had 36 years in as a professional soldier. His troops let down their guard and – as the iconic joke poster with Washington crossing the Delaware says – “America! We will cross a frozen river in a blizzard, sneak up on you and kill you. On Christmas!”

And they did! It was a tremendous morale-booster to an army making bloody footprints in the snow with rags tied around their bare feet. The Hessians’ rout netted food, boots, and munitions which gladdened the hearts of these winter soldiers, and spurred enlistments.

Our enemies, foreign and domestic, CONSTANTLY underestimate us due to their own bigotry, as we saw as recently as 2016. One more example, this time from World War II – at the bloody slaughter at Guadalcanal, the Japanese were undone in part by their racism. They were assured that the American fighting man was a coward and would turn tail and run when attacked. The Japanese repeatedly charged that “misunderestimated” bunch of sissies, the United States Marines Corps. It did not go well. The Japanese lost 31,000 men.

If you want to read an informative, heart-stopping account of many critical battles of both World Wars, order our friend Tony Peluso’s spellbinding novel, Waggoners Gap. He wrote it over a 10-year period as a debt of honor and gratitude to one of his unnamed heroes. Tony’s great page-turner is part scrupulous history, part sexy potboiler, and part a multi-generational immigrant family saga. Read it to remind yourself what has been paid in blood and what is owed those heroes, living and dead. I know many of you are knowledgeable history students of all things military. This is a unique one to add to your collections.

It’s long – hey, it’s our Tony! – but I devoured all 600 pages in two days, barely remembering to breathe for several pages of some battles. I cried often. It is an inspirational spine-stiffener for these difficult days. Hard not to say, “If that guy can take out five Germans while sustaining three wounds, I bet I can at least send a check or put up a yard sign.”

There are plenty among PL’s readers who have served, God bless you every one. We count on you to teach the rest of us to hang tough. Eric Swalwell looks forward to nuking us. ALL the Democrat candidates for President have pledged to take our guns. They ALL raised their hands for FREE medical care for illegals, FREE college, REPARATIONS for almost everyone except you, and FREE, unlimited abortion. And that’s just their warm-up act. What to do, friends, besides fight like hell to see that DJT wins in 2020? Here are my recommendations to help stay both sane and steadfast through our long, righteous fight:

DISCONNECT SOMETIMES. If the Internet is just bringing you down and every channel, including sports and Animal Planet are bellowing “Orange Man Bad,” turn them all off. Read a book, embroider a pillow with Yoda on it that says, “Offended you are? A bleep I don’t give.” Watch a clean, funny, not deranged comic like Jim Gaffigan, Nate Bargatze, or Brian Regan. Bake something wonderful. Go to the gun range for some “Group Therapy.”

CONNECT: Call a like-minded friend; go for a walk with a buddy. Get outside yourself and visit a nursing home, VA Hospital, or just your mother, if you are blessed still to have one.

PLAY: A board game with grandkids, a musical instrument, your favorite upbeat music. Dance like nobody is watching; even though they ARE and are making fun of you. Replay every 2016 election YouTube video predicting an historic sweep by Hillary, and the aftermath with the caterwauling losing losers who lost, especially the totally unbiased media. Never gets old!

PRAY as hard as you have ever prayed for anything. Read the Psalms. Do not let the Democrats as constituted ever have power again. This time the leftists haven’t even pretended to promise “If you like America, you can keep America.” They hate it. And us.

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