Elizabeth Warren, “gifted storyteller”

That’s how the New York Times characterizes the Massachusetts Senator in an editorial today. I would have said “liar,” but why quibble? Whether it’s falsely claiming to be an Indian or falsely claiming she was let go from a teaching job because she was pregnant, Warren’s ability to spin a yarn is undeniable.

Ironically, the Times’ characterization of Warren appears in an editorial endorsing her for president. Such must be the bubble the editors inhabit that no one noticed the irony.

Bizarrely, the Times endorsed two Democrats — Warren and Amy Klobuchar. The editorial board must be split between pragmatists and hard core ideologues.

There is no split when it comes to feminism, though. The Times picked the female pragmatist and the female ideologue. Coincidence? I doubt it.

The Times trashed the leading male pragmatist, Joe Biden. It called him, in essence, too old for the job.

The Times also trashed the leading male ideologue, Bernie Sanders. It described him as, in essence, an inflexible crank.

The Times is right about both of these male candidates. But it’s the description of Warren as a gifted storyteller that really nails it, albeit inadvertently.