Why Americans Hate the News Media, Chapter 12,186

As you know, the New York Times endorsed two women for president (Warren and Klobuchar), because you just knew they weren’t going to endorse a white male. Nonetheless, all of the candidates met with the Times editorial board, with cameras rolling, and this exchange between Timesman Binyamin Appelbaum and Buttigieg offers a great live look at the full smug repulsiveness of the major media (just 42 seconds long):

This is almost enough to make me support Mayor Pete. Among other things, is it really the case that you aren’t worthy of being considered to be president unless you “embody the anger”? Appelbaum sounds more like a bad journalistic parody of the Emperor Palpatine than a supposedly sober and objective journalist. Good for Mayor Pete for calling bullshit on a bullshit question.