The Power Line Show, Ep 169: Bernie—The Coronavirus of the Democratic Party

This week’s episode, featuring listener favorite Lucretia, Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery, was taped while the Nevada caucuses were in process, but now we know that Bernie Sanders has crushed it. He’s the Coronavirus of the Democratic Party—a long latency period that has now broken out into an unstoppable epidemic. It’s over: the only question now is who Sanders will pick as his running mate. Watch the next debate, to see who attacks Sanders and who goes easy on him hoping to be his Veep pick.

Lucretia and I set aside our shameless flirting long enough to ponder the prospects that Bernie Sanders might be within two stents’ length of the White House, which I astoundingly find untroubling for some strange and recondite reasons. I’m not even that worried if Bernie wins! You’ll have to listen to see how Lucretia checks me on this madness.

We also check in on the latest on the “1619 Project,” in particular the “1776 Project” announced this week to contest theNY Times.

You know what to do now. Do I even need to give instructions at this point. (Just in case, here’s the Ricochet link if you’re a newbie and want to download it from there.)