Situation critical: WH press at work

I have posted the video of this morning’s daily White House press briefing below. One reporter poses a single question about the Wall Street Journal report concerning Trump’s efforts to overcome regulatory hurdles to therapies (at 43:00). President Trump stated that he hadn’t seen the Journal article but that “we are making a lot of progress therapeutically.” There was no follow-up question on the subject of possible therapies or regulatory relief. (The current version of the Journal story adds that “there w[ill] be a news conference Thursday involving the FDA.”)

Two reporters raise hostile questions on the propriety of attributing the Wuhan virus to China. Adopting the Chinese Communist propaganda line, they imply or state that calling the virus Chinese is racist.

In a subsequent question Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason picks up the theme peddled most prominently by the Washington Post’s Robert Costa. As posed by Mason, the question is a two-fer. It both slams Trump for earlier minimizing the threat of the Wuhan virus and it disparages conservatives for believing Trump. Well done, Jeff.

Taken together, the reporters’ questions reveal mind-numbing ignorance and mediocrity. If these reporters were capable of introspection and self-criticism, they might set off an epidemic of embarrassment and shame.