Zero Bail and Zero Brains

As we’ve reported previously, California has gone all-in on the “zero-bail” nonsense that crime is just part of middle class oppression or something. Here’s today’s story of how this is working out, from Placer County, a Sierra foothills region east of Sacramento:

Placer County Sheriff’s Office:

Just after midnight early Monday morning, our graveyard-shift deputies initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle with suspended and expired vehicle registration, in Auburn. The driver of the vehicle refused to pull over, and a pursuit was initiated. The driver sped through the city of Auburn, running red lights and crossing over double yellow lines. The pursuit spanned from Auburn to Foresthill, where a vehicle spike strip was successfully deployed to bring an end to the pursuit.

The driver, identified as 34-year old Kevin Grunebach of Novato, was arrested and charged with felony evading. Grunebach was released from jail several hours later under the emergency bail schedule (zero bail order). Shortly after his release, Grunebach walked across the street from the Auburn Jail and confronted a citizen sitting in his vehicle. Grunebach forced open the passenger door and got into the occupied vehicle, frightening the driver.

The same graveyard-shift deputies responded, and once again, Grunebach was uncooperative with deputies. He was arrested and booked into jail a second time, for charges of vehicle tampering and resisting arrest. Grunebach was released again several hours later, due to the emergency bail schedule.

Hardly an isolated incident. Similar stories here, here, and here. Meanwhile, our sainted Governor Gratin Awesome  “called it a ‘core value’ of his administration to *eliminate* prisons…”

There’s a backlash building.