Sense and Nonsense on the Police [Updated]

Democrats are demanding that police forces be abolished (or “defunded”) even though one would be crazy to think that a world without law enforcement would be desirable. Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender, on CNN, couldn’t answer a simple question: if there are no police, what do you do if someone is breaking into your house?

That’s the nonsense. The sense comes from Republican Senate candidate Jason Lewis, this time on Fox News:

To the sense and the nonsense, we can add the breathtakingly hypocritical: Nury Martinez, the President of the Los Angeles City Council and (of course) a Democrat, is leading an effort to cut $150 million from the LAPD’s budget. Only–oops–it turns out that Ms. Martinez has had “24/7 security beginning April 4 at [her] home, almost always staffed by two officers.” Provided, of course, by the Los Angeles Police Department, at a cost to taxpayers of an estimated $100,000.

No doubt Ms. Martinez, like Ms. Bender, is quick to explain how the presence of police makes a neighborhood more dangerous. Only not hers.

UPDATE: Journalist Lara Logan responds to Lisa Bender’s moronic comment about “privilege” with a dose of reality:

Via Ann Althouse.