Democrats Then and Now

It was Justice William Brennan—initially put on the Supreme Court through a recess appointment only three weeks before the presidential election of 1956—who said the most important number at the Supreme Court is five—with five votes, he said, “anything is possible.” (Eisenhower later said his two biggest mistakes as president were his appointments of Earl Warren and Brennan to the Court.)

Likewise, everyone over the age of six understands that the Supreme Court nomination fight of the next six to eight weeks is a simple matter of 51 votes: in 2016, Republicans had them, and it appears, with Mitt Romney’s capitulation this morning, that Republicans have the votes again. Everything else—even arguments and historical precedents sound on their merits—is just posturing.

Still, it is fun to re-run this highlight reel of what Democrats said in 2016:

P.S.: Our faithful reader RS suggests that Republicans borrow a page from leftist protests, and chant outside Democrat Senator’s offices, “No Justice, no peace!”  Heh.

UPDATE: It seems it took Amy Klobuchar two tries yesterday to get her story straight.