Supreme Court

A Blow For Liberation From Left-Wing Judges

Featured image Since President Trump was inaugurated, leftists have brought a series of lawsuits on behalf of supposedly aggrieved parties–themselves, mostly–seeking to enjoin enforcement of administration policies. District Court judges in venues remote from the issue at hand, like a federal judge in Hawaii who purported to block implementation of the administration’s “travel ban,” have issued nationwide injunctions far exceeding the scope of any case or controversy actually before them (if any). »

Washington Post columnist blames John Roberts for “impeachment mess”

Featured image Who is to blame for the impeachment of President Trump? It has to be either Trump or the House that impeached him. Or maybe a combination of the two. But the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank claims that, somehow, the “mess” is Chief Justice Roberts’s fault. Milbank is the Post’s clown prince. He’ll say anything, usually with as much snark as he can muster, to try to score a point against »

A Bernie Sanders Supreme Court short list?

Featured image The New York Times reports that Bernie Sanders is considering releasing a list of potential Supreme Court nominees he would pick from if elected president. Sanders said this during an interview with the New York Times editorial board. He noted that his wife believes he should release such a list, as President Trump did during his 2016 campaign. Who would be on a Sanders Supreme Court short list? William Kunstler »

The prospect of 2020

Featured image The new year is upon us. Can the Democratic Party and its media adjunct go any crazier than they already are? We know they can and will. We can’t do anything about it. We will find out how much crazier in the event that President Trump is reelected this coming November. Trump’s reelection is a consummation devoutly to be wished, and not only for the sheer pleasure we might take »

Is It Really About the Supreme Court?

Featured image Why are the Democrats pursuing their futile impeachment charade? Obviously, it is partly out of sheer partisan hate that isn’t necessarily connected to any rational objective. Equally obviously, they hope that endless yammering about impeachment in the newspapers and on television will help one of their weak candidates be more competitive against President Trump next year. Mark Levin, as noted by Matt Margolis at PJ Media, offers a further explanation: »

Justice Ginsburg’s Health a Latent Issue

Featured image Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is again experiencing health problems, although they are being portrayed as not serious. Adam Liptak of the New York Times is nevertheless worried: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Friday night after experiencing chills and fever earlier in the day, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said on Saturday. *** Justice Ginsburg, 86, has had a series of health scares lately, »

DACA’s day in court

Featured image The Supreme Court heard oral argument today in the case challenging President Trump’s decision to shut down the DACA program, established by President Obama, that allows undocumented young adults who came to the United States as children to apply for protection from deportation. Obama had said that, because he is not a king, he lacked the power to institute this kind of program. Frustrated, though, by Congress’s inactivity, Obama eventually »

Title VII, gay rights, and Justice Gorsuch

Featured image I once heard Jonah Goldberg talk about a book in which multiple conservative and multiple liberal authors were asked to write whatever they wanted to about politics and political theory. As Goldberg told the story (or at least as I remember it), the conservative authors collectively presented an array of theoretical musings (libertarian, social conservative, natural law based, etc.). The liberal authors all wrote about how Democrats could win the »

Navigate this

Featured image The Washington Post declares, in the headline to a paper edition article, that Chief Justice Roberts “must navigate a highly divisive docket as 2020 campaign rages.” I didn’t realize it was the Chief Justice’s job to “navigate” a docket or to worry about political campaigns. I thought it was his job, along with that of his colleagues, to reach correct conclusions about the merits of each case on the Court’s »

Does the 1964 Civil Rights Act ban discrimination based on sexual orientation?

Featured image Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a case where the issue is whether the ban on discrimination because of sex contained in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 encompasses discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. George Will considers the matter in his latest column (the title of which, in the online edition, misstates his argument, I think). Will concludes that discriminating against someone »

The fiction of non-partisan judges and Justices

Featured image In a talk at Brigham Young University, Justice Neil Gorsuch denied that the Supreme Court is split along partisan lines. Chief Justice Roberts has made a similar denial. He disputes the idea that there are Obama judges and Trump judges. Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative jurist who would like to join Gorsuch on Roberts on the Supreme Court, has echoed the Chief Justice’s view. At a conference at the College »

Gut check, Part Two

Featured image The New York Times reporters who revived claims of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh when he was a teenager apparently have been unable to present new evidence in support of Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation. They assure us, however, that their “gut reaction” is that Blasey Ford’s story rings true. But that’s not the gut reaction of Blasey Ford’s lifelong friend, Leland Keyser. Blasey Ford says that Keyser was »

Democrats Haven’t Given Up On Smearing Kavanaugh

Featured image Those who take such things seriously are abuzz about a book that will come out on Tuesday, written by a couple of New York Times reporters activists. It alleges that decades ago, when he was in college, Brett Kavanaugh misbehaved at a party. As I understand it, the woman toward whom he allegedly misbehaved says she remembers no such thing, but apparently one or more rabid Democrats who say they »

The Liberal Supreme Court Bloc Stands Firm

Featured image Liberals constantly worry about conservative domination of the Supreme Court. Would that it were true: the Court’s conservatives have long been a diverse bunch, and, unlike the liberals, they have never formed a consistent voting bloc. I have sometimes wondered whether Democratic nominees go through a secret ceremony in which they pledge to vote the Democratic Party line in any case where the party demands their vote. Probably not, I »

The ordeal of RBG

Featured image Is it possible for Democrats and their media adjunct to go even crazier than they are now? Any imminent threat to the health of Justice Ginsburg would probably put the question to to a test. Michael Moore is symptomatic of the aggravated threat to the mental health of the left posed by such a threat. Moore’s barbaric yawp was elicited by the Supreme Court brief and somewhat cryptic statement yesterday »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 136: From Ukraine to the Border, with Our Female All-Stars

Featured image I’m posting up our podcast early this week, as I thought might be traveling overseas tomorrow on a sudden mission, but instead a bad back is likely going to keep me immobile. In any case, by popular demand from listeners, this special edition of the Power Line Show features both Kelly Jane Torrance of the Washington Examiner and “Lucretia,” Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery. Kelly Jane is just back from »

Did Trump “choke” when he nominated Kavanaugh?

Featured image During the Republican presidential debates in 2015-16, Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz for strongly backing the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Cruz responded that Roberts was not his preferred nominee — Michael Luttig was — but that he did support the nomination once President Bush tapped Roberts. Given Trump’s attack on Cruz, and on George W. Bush, it’s fair to ask how Trump’s two nominees — Justices »