The audacity of Cleta Mitchell

My friend Cleta Mitchell is a partner in Foley & Lardner’s political law practice group. She is prominent, pugnacious, and smart as hell. I have drawn on Cleta’s work in many posts including, for example, “Cleta Mitchell: Glenn Simpson is a liar.”

FOX News invited Cleta to appear as a guest on a special edition of one of its news shows over the weekend. Off-camera, FNC’s Sandra Smith grimaced and disparaged Cleta for daring to depart from FNC’s call of the election for Joe Biden. To FNC’s credit, however, co-host Trace Gallagher ignored Smith and acknowledged that Cleta had a good point, but seeing Smith with her mask off (video below) is additive to the channel’s ongoing humiliation.

John Nolte comments in the Breitbart column “Fox’s contempt for Trump supporters exposed in off-air video.” Cleta herself comments via Twitter, “Sandra Smith thinks FoxNews calling the election means Biden is President. Forget that pesky Constitution…happy to be considered a nut job because I believe in the rule of law.”