The impeachment express rolls on

Democrats and their media complex have sought to remove President Trump from office since the day he became president. The day before yesterday the pretext was the Russia hoax. It was a day that lasted three long years, but put that to one side. Yesterday it was the Ukraine piffle (as Michael Goodwin calls it) and impeachment, round 1.

Today, as Trump’s term in office comes to a close, it is the Capitol Hill riots and impeachment, round 2. I would prefer not to take lessons in constitutional order or good government from Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Jerry Nadler, and their partisan colleagues.

The circumstances give them a veneer of plausibility. That is to be acknowledged and regretted. To borrow a phrase that is meant to ring a bell for those of us of a certain age, I nevertheless fail to see how they can be taken seriously at this point in time.