Which Crisis?

My colleague John Phelan makes an interesting point about crime and COVID. His numbers are specific to Minnesota, but the same would be true in many other states:

[Violent crime] is a crisis. As of January 7th, 41 Minnesotans aged under 40 have died from Covid-19. By contrast, at least 88 Minnesotans aged under 40 have been murdered since the state recorded its first Covid-19 death on March 21st. As parties release their lists of priorities for the 2021 legislative session in St. Paul, any that don’t include tackling rising crime have some serious questions to answer.

Unless you are an elderly person living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the Left’s war on cops is probably a bigger threat to you than COVID-19. The COVID death numbers that John refers to are most likely inflated, too: if you reviewed the death certificates, I believe you would find that some under-40 “covid” deaths were occasioned by, e.g., car accidents.