Patriotism Is Not Dead [with comment by Paul]

The Left’s campaign to destroy America involves, among other things, making patriotism disreputable. This is one of the main purposes of Critical Race Theory. But somehow, nevertheless, patriotism survives. On July 3, someone started singing the National Anthem in a Texas Walmart. Other customers joined in. Pretty soon the whole store ground to a halt for the Anthem. If you can watch this without tearing up, you are made of sterner stuff than I am:

Sure, it’s Texas. Sure, it’s Walmart. For liberals, that qualifies for peak contempt. But then, even on Long Island pride in America survives. And in South Dakota, where I spent the 4th of July, it is easy to imagine a spontaneous display of patriotism like this one breaking out. (In fact, you could say that in South Dakota, the whole weekend of Independence Day was such a display.) And who knows? Maybe there are more places in America than we think where the patriotic flame still burns.

PAUL ADDS: I haven’t been to any major league baseball games this year, but I have been to minor league games in four towns: Bowie Maryland, Aberdeen Maryland, Salisbury Maryland, and Fredericksburg Virginia. At all four, everyone stands respectfully when the National Anthem is played. Players (many of whom come from Latin America), fans, Blacks, Whites — everyone.

If the military, veterans, or particular individuals who served are honored, there is strong applause.

These towns aren’t in “the heartland.” They are in Blue States (as Virginia has become) on the East Coast. But patriotism seems alive and well in all four.