Deep meaning of “expodentially”

I’m not sure who first compiled the clips of President Biden explaining the phenomenon of things increasing “expodentially.” The RNC presents the video this way.

Comedian Terrence K. Williams made it funnier.

What is the deep meaning of “expodentially”? As a general proposition, President Biden doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He thinks it sounds smart and makes him sound smarter. He doesn’t know what “exponential” means, let alone “expodential.” He has no friend or colleague who can gently correct him. He is a stubborn faker.

Did Biden say “expodentially” in his prime, or is it another sign that his age-related decline is increasing “expodentially”?

STEVE adds: Seems to me we never heard the end of every malapropism of George W. Bush from the mainstream media, such as his famous “strategery.” Less so with Biden. Gee—I wonder why? Perhaps we should say that the “strategery” of the Democrat-adjacent media to protect Biden is growing expodentially!