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Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll has a few TRAVEL LESSONS. Let the cacchination commence. She writes: Democrats have achieved maximum lunacy (so far), so it’s time for another mental health break while we ponder how and why President Trump is making fat black women so fat. No, really. He has been “credibly accused” of that by a fat black woman. With a big fat Ph.D. If he can make unhinged Jewish women fat »

Barr probe turns criminal

Featured image The New York Times reports that Attorney General Barr’s review of the Obama administrations spying on the 2016 Trump presidential campaign has turned into a criminal investigation. The linked article is an editorial in the guise of a story. Some might say — I would — that it is about time for a criminal investigation of the spying. Others (such as the authors of the laughable Times story) are breaking »

Human, all too human error

Featured image I accidentally published Ammo Grrrll’s weekly column one day early for a few minutes this morning. For some reason it feels to me like the end of the work week, if not the end of time. There will be no premature cachinnation on Power Line. I have therefore rescheduled Ammo Grrrll’s column for its timely release early tomorrow morning. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. »

Behind closed doors (3)

Featured image I can’t take anything that leaks out of the closed-door impeachment “inquiry” conducted by Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff at face value. Schiff is conducting an impeachment campaign by orchestrated leaks. I decline to follow the leaked testimony until I can take a look at the full record with my own eyes. One such leak is the opening statement of Ambassador Bill Taylor, which Paul discussed yesterday here. Rep. John »

Judy Miller remembers Mr. Jimmy

Featured image Judy Miller is the former New York Times reporter and author of the gripping memoir The Story. We hosted Judy for three days this past summer; I read her memoir to get a better handle on her distinguished career and the Pulitzer Prize she picked up along the way. I couldn’t put the book down. Judy is a meticulous reporter of diverse interests and a natural storyteller as well. The »

Delecto delendus est

Featured image I have caught up with the unlikely story of Mitt Romney alter ego Pierre Delecto courtesy of the Wall Street Journal story “In Flagrante Delecto: Mitt Romney Is Latest Unmasked Internet Lurker” by Gabriel Rubin and Sarah Needleman. It takes two reporters to perform the search for precedents and capture the deep weirdness here, and yet something is still lacking. Rubin and Needleman fail to identify another United States Senator »

Things only Dems can say

Featured image Someone could write a classic book on things only Democrats are allowed to say. The word “lynching” is one such word, as we learned in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing. We were reminded of this immortal truth again yesterday when President Trump used it in a tweet alluding to the procedural irregularities in the impeachment “inquiry” to which he is now subject. There is a larger lesson here. Only Democrats »

Trump fights back

Featured image FOX News has posted full video of Sean Hannity’s interview with President Trump yesterday (below). Impeachment is more or less the focus of the interview for the first 30 minutes. The interview begins with the infamous phone call of congratulations to the president of Ukraine, a garbled account of which was somehow instantly converted by Nancy Pelosi into the ground of her so-called impeachment “inquiry.” Trump fights back as he »

Ilhan Omar, tabloid style

Featured image The Daily Mail has devoted substantial resources to documenting Ilhan Omar’s tabloid life apart from her husband and children. In today’s installment the Daily Mail reports “EXCLUSIVE: ‘She’s not fooling anyone.’ Ilhan Omar lives a double life of secret hookups and romantic vacays to Jamaica with her married aide, as they live together ‘on and off’ and even talk of MARRIAGE (once their divorces are finalized).” To the tabloid aspect »

Ron Johnson pierces purple haze

Featured image In “The Chuck Todd Experience” I wrote about Todd’s manhandling of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and linked to the NewsBuster post “Call Him Spike? Chuck Todd Vows NOT to Show Trump Attacking Omar, Hunter Biden.” It was a “Purple Haze” kind of a deal. Now NewsBusters has posted two clips of Mark Levin’s fantastic interview of Senator Johnson on Levin’s FOX News show last night. I have posted the first »

Behind closed doors (2)

Featured image What really happened when the president met behind closed doors with congressional leaders in the White House last week and Nancy Pelosi wagged her finger at President Trump? In his remarks to the press immediately following the meeting, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not go into detail. McCarthy subsequently gave an account that contrasted with the one touted by the Democrats and faithfully disseminated by their media adjunct. In »

Behind closed doors

Featured image If Republicans were conducting an “impeachment inquiry” of a Democratic president, we’d be hearing about the procedural anomalies employed in the production of a foreordained result. We would be instructed on the irregularity of committing such an inquiry to the House Intelligence Committee. We would also be hearing about the profound character defects of the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. As it is, we are left to pick up »

Doral, there we go

Featured image President Trump abruptly backtracked late last night and announced he would scrap plans to hold next year’s G-7 gathering of world leaders at the Trump National Doral in Miami. “Based on both Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility, we will no longer consider Trump National Doral, Miami, as the Host Site for the G-7 in 2020,” he announced on Twitter late Saturday. “We will begin the search for another »

Silence of the Star Tribune

Featured image Like many local newspapers, Minneapolis’s Star Tribune purports to present an institutional voice serving as something like the political conscience of the community. Its recent editorial disapproving of the year-old video depicting President Trump mowing down the media — with which President Trump himself had nothing to do — is a sort of classic of the genre. And yet they weren’t done with the subject. They returned to it a »

Warren works the memory hole

Featured image Yesterday’s Washington Free Beacon Extra included this condensed report for the record: VIDEO GOES UP IN SMOKE… WFB’s ALEX GRISWOLD, “Elizabeth Warren Scrubs DNA Test Video From Twitter”: Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren deleted a video from her Twitter account that announced to the world that she had a fraction of Native American DNA … By Wednesday morning, the tweet was gone. The deletion comes after the Warren campaign scrubbed »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Don’t tell Anderson Cooper, but Ammo Grrrll points out: THAT IS A WHEELBARROW FULL OF MONEY!! She writes: Okay. I stipulate to the fact that geezers are always comparing the cost of things today with the prices (and values) of things when we were young, and I identify as a geezer. We used to make fun of Mama. “Yes, Mother, we realize that bread was a nickel, but you had »

Down and out in Santa Monica

Featured image I’m tied up on personal matters in Venice Beach and Santa Monica through this weekend. The scene has deteriorated considerably since I was here in 2011, when I filed this report: We spent the weekend at a family wedding in Santa Monica, California. Just after I started in the private practice of law in 1981, I was assigned to work on a major project that took me out to the »