The Coming War on Agriculture

Featured image You probably know about what has happened in Sri Lanka, where the government’s attempt to impose organic farming led to food shortages, impoverishment, and a revolt that caused that country’s prime minister to flee. Also the Netherlands, where the government’s attempt to drastically reduce fertilizer use has led to massive protests by farmers that continue to this day. At Hot Air, Jazz Shaw notes that farmers in other countries are »

A Heartwarming Headline

Featured image It comes from the U.K., via the London Times: “Ministers quietly abandon ‘green crap’ as focus shifts to food security.” The threat of starvation, like the prospect of hanging, concentrates the mind: Boris Johnson has scaled back plans to rewild the country as the government retreats from the green agenda to focus on the cost-of-living crisis. Ministers last year announced a post-Brexit scheme that would pay farmers up to £800 »

Another “Green” Catastrophe

Featured image We briefly noted here the agricultural apocalypse occurring in Sri Lanka: [W]here are the environmentalists in all this? They are doing their best to reduce agricultural output. In Sri Lanka, the government mandated organic farming, with the result that yields declined catastrophically, prices skyrocketed, and, no doubt, many died. The London Times had a more detailed account last month, headlined: “How Sri Lanka’s shift to organic farming left it in »

“Green” Dreams Kill People

Featured image How many people have died, or will die, as a result of the Left’s “green” fantasies? To begin with, who has taken responsibility for the hundreds of thousands–maybe millions–of Africans who have died because of the Left’s insane banning of DDT? No one, of course. Will there ever be an accounting? Currently, the war between Russia and Ukraine dominates the headlines. We all know that global petroleum supplies have been »

Supply chain crisis hits U.S. farmers hard

Featured image My friend who reads the New York Times pointed me to a devastating front-page Times article about the supply chain mess. I think of the crisis in terms of getting products from ports to U.S. consumers. However, the Times article focuses on the problem of U.S. farmers getting produce to ports for shipment overseas The article begins with this: It’s just 60 miles from El Dorado Dairy in Ontario, Calif., »