Dr. Fauci

Farewell to Fauci?

Featured image I have written that it is time for Anthony Fauci to go, while he has vowed never to quit no matter his standing with the public. It looks as though Fauci’s vow may be tested, as his reputation continues to decline. Rasmussen reports: “Most Americans Agree Dr. Fauci Has ‘Lost Credibility.’” More than 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. government’s leading expect on the virus has lost credibility »

Fauci Fumbles Natural Immunity

Featured image Joe Biden’s unconstitutional order mandating vaccinations and testing is irrational for several reasons, not least the fact that it fails to take into account natural immunity. A CNN reporter got around to gently asking Dr. Fauci about evidence that immunity acquired by those who have had covid provides at least equal protection to a vaccine. This is no surprise, as many studies have documented the strength of natural immunity to »

About the Latest Fauci Documents

Featured image Scott wrote this morning about documents that the Intercept has obtained under the Freedom of Information Act relating to NIH funding of coronavirus research in Wuhan, China. These documents relate to two grants that the NIH gave to Ecohealth Alliance, which in turn collaborated on the Chinese research. They have been hailed by many as conclusive proof that Dr. Fauci has lied about NIH supporting gain of function research at »

What Was Fauci’s Role In the Pandemic?

Featured image Australian journalist Sharri Markson has written a book titled What Really Happened in Wuhan: the Cover-Ups, the Conspiracies and the Classified Research. The book was excerpted in today’s London Times, from which these paragraphs come: Fauci defended the scientists who had undertaken the highly controversial gain-of-function research that had prompted the global debate, saying they had “conducted their research properly and under the safest and most secure conditions”. The same »