Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Are Not the Future

Featured image The mania for electric vehicles is a fad that is driven 100% by government regulation. The consumer verdict on EVs has been in for a century. Some of the earliest cars were battery-powered, but they lost out to gasoline-powered cars because gasoline-powered vehicles are better. Those who have been paying attention understand that there is zero chance that our existing motor vehicle fleet will be converted to EVs. Mark Tapscott »

Electrify Everything, But Without Copper

Featured image Liberals want to electrify everything, from your car to your stove. But they also don’t want to mine copper. Like so many things liberals do, this makes no sense. You might as well believe in fairy dust as in “green” energy. Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal editorialized on this: The Biden Administration is heavily subsidizing electric vehicles, but at the same time it is blocking mineral projects needed »

Guess What: Electricity Isn’t Free

Featured image One of my favorite indicators of ignorance are the people who buy personalized license plates, or affix stickers, for their electric cars that say “Emission Free.” Even if you ignore the enormous environmental impacts associated with manufacturing an electric car (which are significantly higher than a gasoline-powered car), if you live in a state that generates a lot of its electricity from coal, you are essentially driving a coal-powered car. »

The Daily Chart: Charge Ahead?

Featured image I got a laugh out of a recent Wall Street Journal article that described “fast-charging” electric cars in which “fast-charging” was said to take 20 minutes to an hour. If that’s “fast-charging,” I’d hate to see what slow-charging looks like. Maybe we should look at charging in winter time for a clue. Today’s chart is a little hard to make out, but it displays the data showing that electric cars will »

Saving the World With Electric Vehicles

Featured image Just kidding. Willis Eschenbach quantifies the amount of fossil fuel usage that electric vehicles actually save in the U.S.: The Department of Energy’s Argonne National Lab has just released a study showing that in 2021, US privately-owned plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) “saved about 690 million gallons of gasoline.” But that is a huge exaggeration because fossil fuels provide 61% of the electricity in the US »

The EV Boondoggle

Featured image Governments at both the federal and state levels tell us we are in the midst of a transition from internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles. For a number of reasons, I don’t believe that is true, regardless of the level of bribery and coercion that governments bring to bear. I think the whole project will crash and burn, after doing enormous damage in the meantime. But the Wall Street Journal »

Down With Electric Vehicles!

Featured image Are people finally starting to catch on to the fact that electric vehicles are a terrible idea? I hope so. Bjorn Lomborg makes the case in accessible form in the Wall Street Journal. To begin with, EVs don’t even save much on CO2 emissions: Over its lifetime, an electric car does emit less CO2 than a gasoline car, but the difference can range considerably depending on how the electricity is »

How to Turn California Into Cuba, Chapter 12,186

Featured image The New York Times reports: If you read the fine print, however, the picture looks a bit different: California would fine automakers up to $20,000 for every car that falls short of production targets. The state also could propose new amendments revising the sales targets if the market doesn’t react as state leaders hope. In other words, California reserves the right for future Gov. Emily Litella to say “never mind,” »

Guest Post: Ken Green on the ICE That Just Won’t Melt

Featured image Ken Green returns with his patented snark on electric vehicle hype versus the evil gasoline cars most of us drive: For as long as I’ve been following EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety—the ESG of the last generation) and transportation policy (and that’s a long time, since my first days as a doctoral student/EHS policy analyst at Huge Aircrash Company in the early 1990s), there has been one kind of ICE »

Our present bewilderment

Featured image The Spectator has published Peter Wood’s witty column “Bewilderment.” The Spectator has kindly made it accessible at our request. Wood is president of the National Association of Scholars, a former professor of anthropology at Boston University and college provost at The King’s College in New York City as well as the author of Diversity: The Invention of a Concept (2004), 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project (2020), and, »

Virginia traffic jam provides reminder of limitations of electric cars

Featured image Scott has already mentioned the 48-mile traffic backup that occurred in Northern Virginia yesterday. Reportedly, cars were stopped on I-95 for more than 24 hours in freezing temperatures. It must have been awful, but it could have been worse. And, as Charles Lane explains, it would have been much worse if there had been many more electric vehicles (EVs) in the traffic jam. Lane writes: Sometime after 3 a.m. Tuesday. »