Harvard, Haven for Anti-Semites

Featured image Via InstaPundit, the Wall of Anti-Semitism at Harvard: Remember when Jews at Harvard had to bring in their menorah every night at Hanukkah because the school couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t be vandalized? This “apartheid wall” is on display now at Harvard yard, complete with quotes from terrorists, guarded 24/7 by school security. pic.twitter.com/IBAS0RmmxL — Yael Bar tur 🎗️ (@yaelbt) April 3, 2024 I can’t vouch for what she says about »

Harvard is dead

Featured image Roger Kimball’s New Criterion editorial on “DEI’s dangerous lies” is titled “Gay science,” in honor of sacked Harvard president Claudine Gay. Roger’s editorial lacks only some accompanying reference to Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, which I actually read under the tutelage of my political philosophy teacher last year. It was in The Gay Science that Nietzsche announced “God is dead.” I thought Roger’s editorial might have announced that Harvard is dead. »

The deep meaning of DEI

Featured image James Piereson contributes to understanding the deep meaning of Claudine Gay and the regime of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in his New Criterion column “DEI boomerang.” The title does not do it justice. Here is the concluding chunk: College presidents, if they are not members of the Democratic Party, invariably come into office pledging to enlarge the diversity regime, which further cements the party–academic alliance. College faculties are overwhelmingly Democratic »

Jewish Students Sue Harvard; MIT Up Next

Featured image A group of Jewish graduate students at Harvard, including several from the law school, have sued that university alleging rampant anti-Semitism in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The complaint is embedded below, and I encourage you to at least skim it–it is 77 pages long. What is striking about the complaint is the breadth and depth of its factual allegations. If they are true, »

Harvard Is Still Anti-Semitic

Featured image Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard freshman Charlie Covit explains why it is still hard to be a Jew at Harvard, notwithstanding Claudine Gay’s demise: [T]he crisis facing Harvard’s Jewish community hasn’t gone away. A zealous hatred of Israel has swept our campus, thinly veiling an epidemic of antisemitism. Ms. Gay’s testimony in Congress, in which she said calls for the genocide of Jews were context-dependent, was representative of »

Has Harvard Always Been Anti-Semitic?

Featured image Hamas’s October 7 massacre has focused attention on anti-Semitism in American universities. The Claudine Gay episode brought such attention to Harvard, specifically. The Times of Israel notes that anti-Semitism has a long history at that institution: In a 1934 editorial, Harvard Crimson student journalists spoke out in favor of hosting top Nazi and former Harvard man, Ernst F.S. Hanfstaengl. Nicknamed “Putzi,” Hanfstaengl was Hitler’s foreign press chief and graduated from »

A Gay chorus

Featured image Yesterday the Washington Free Beacon posted Thaleigha Rampersad’s video compilation of the chorus of hosannas that greeted the announcement Claudine Gay’s appointment to the presidency of Harvard in December 2022 (see “Raving gaily”). Today the Beacon follows up with another Rampersad compilation, this one of the chorus of media talking heads explaining Gay’s resignation from the presidency this week. Once again we see the herd of independent minds at work. »

Left-Wing Press Gnashes Teeth Over Gay

Featured image Claudine Gay’s well-deserved downfall was a bitter blow to left-wing journalists. The Associated Press, America’s most biased “news” organization, angrily termed the plagiarism scandal that undid Gay a “conservative weapon.” The AP later made a modest adjustment to its headline, explaining that the original headline didn’t “meet its standards.” Some would say it has been a long time since the AP had any standards. The article itself manifests the AP’s »

Better Late Than Never

Featured image Bill Ackman is the wealthy Harvard alumnus who has taken the lead in trying to reform that institution. In the wake of Claudine Gay’s self-destruction, he wrote this lengthy Twitter post in which he diagnoses the sickness of institutions like Harvard. It is very good, and appropriately uncompromising in its denunciation of the totalitarian DEI culture that prevails on campuses and elsewhere. Money quote: DEI is inherently a racist and »

Raving gaily

Featured image In the video compilation below, the Washington Free Beacon draws on the chorus of hosannas that greeted the announcement Claudine Gay’s appointment to the presidency of Harvard in December 2022 after a five-month search. The Wall Street Journal reminds us: “That was the shortest search in about 70 years, according to the Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper.” Gay’s appointment set off a stampede among the media’s herd of independent minds. »

Exit Claudine Gay

Featured image If Claudine Gay’s transgressions were reasonably defensible, she would remain as Harvard’s president in good standing. She would continue to wield her authority to enforce the dictates of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (and to include you out). The university bought her the best lawyers money could buy to help fashion her congressional testimony on campus anti-Semitism. The university went to the well again for her when the New York Post »

Breaking: Gone Gay

Featured image Well, 2024 seems to be off to a great start: Claudine Gay is resigning as president of Harvard. It had to kill the Harvard establishment to take this step, since they had framed the possibility as “giving in to the right.” Of course the problem is that Gay’s resignation will change little at Harvard, or any other elite university. It is a certainty that Harvard will find someone equally committed »

What Claudine Longet did to Spider Sabich…

Featured image Someone or other continues the examination of Claudine Gay’s scholarly output prior to her accession to the Harvard presidency — some 17 articles in all. The Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium reports that six new instances of plagiarism have been cited in the complaint filed with Harvard yesterday. Sibarium reviews the record to date along with the new allegations: Seven of Gay’s 17 published works have already been impacted by »

Presidential Plagiarism

Featured image Harvard president Claudine Gay is being pressured to step down over charges of plagiarism as former president Obama lobbies the administration to stick with her. That makes sense because Obama is a Harvard law alum, like Gay soft on campus anti-Semitism, and no stranger to plagiarism his own self. In Dreams from My Father, released in 1995, the author visits Kenya and the account bears remarkable similarities to I Dreamed of Africa, published in »

The Deep Meaning of Claudine Gay [Updated]

Featured image Harvard University has circled the wagons around President Claudine Gay, reportedly encouraged to do so by no less than Barack Obama. This despite the fact that Gay not only embarrassed the university with her inept and tone-deaf Congressional testimony, but has also been exposed as a serial plagiarist. And not only does the university seem unworried by Gay’s plagiarism, it has emerged that Harvard exonerated Gay before conducting a secret »