Mike Pence

What to watch for in tonight’s Veep debate

Featured image I don’t believe a vice presidential debate has ever influenced the outcome of an election. The most consequential ones have, however, stopped the bleeding afterthe presidential candidate flopped in his first debate. Vice President Cheney’s performance against John Edwards in 2004 is the best example. But one could also cite George H.W. Bush in 1984 (against Geraldine Ferraro) and perhaps Joe Biden in 2012 (against Paul Ryan). Donald Trump flopped »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Mike Pence

Featured image Nebraska attorney Dave Begley has filed another of his reports from Council Bluffs, this one on the appearance of GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. Close readers may observe that Pence’s positive case for Trump is a little thin. Dave reports: Governor Mike Pence appeared in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Monday night. He has the personality of a likable guy. He should be effective in raising money and getting votes »

The Pence unveiling

Featured image Donald Trump introduced Mike Pence today as his running mate. Pence showed a fair amount of prowess as a candidate in his speech accepting the nod. Rich Lowry says that Trump seemed to be “doing everything he could to signal his lack of enthusiasm about his own pick–he rambled on during the introduction, only occasionally coming back to Pence and his record in Indiana.” That’s not how I saw it. »

Report: It’s Pence

Featured image It’s widely being reported that Donald Trump has decided to name Mike Pence as his running mate. According to Patricia Murphy at Roll Call, Trump “was reportedly impressed with Pence’s calm demeanor, his experience on Capitol Hill and as a governor, and Pence’s potential to assist Trump in governing, should the ticket win in November.” If Trump has picked Pence for these reasons, then I’m impressed. In my view, Pence »

Is Mike Pence slick enough to defend Donald Trump?

Featured image Rich Lowry believes that Mike Pence might well “fizzle” if he becomes Donald Trump’s running mate. He writes: I understand the impulse for Trump to pick Pence — an experienced pol, in good standing with conservatives, and not much of a lightning rod, at least not yet. . . .But Trump’s running mate will have to be extremely deft at explaining away and deflecting Trump controversies. There is no reason »

What do the leading Republican VP possibilities have in common?

Featured image I wrote here about the possibility of a Trump-Pence GOP ticket. It’s far from clear that Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s first choice, but it seemed to me that Pence probably would accept the nod if Trump offered it. Eliana Johnson reports that Pence would, indeed, likely agree to be Trump’s running mate. Why? Because Pence, who is embroiled in a tough reelection campaign in Indiana, “may have more to »

Conservatives rally around Mike Pence for vice president

Featured image Ever since Trump won the Indiana primary, thus becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, folks have been speculating about his choice for vice president. Talk has centered mainly around Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie. The tier just behind Gingrich and Christie has been occupied by Bob Corker and Joni Ernst. However, both now say they don’t want to tapped. Neither Gingrich nor Christie holds much appeal for many conservatives. Speaking for »

Pence finally endorses Cruz

Featured image With only a few days remaining before the Indiana primary, Gov. Mike Pence has endorsed Ted Cruz. He did so during a radio interview this morning. Pence began by praising Donald Trump. He stated: I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field. I particularly want to commend Donald Trump who I think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans with a »