Mike Pence

Mike Pence’s moment

Featured image These are becoming the most uncertain times I have ever experienced. The immediate aftermath of 9/11 was uncertain, but after about a week it seemed unlikely that there would be another large scale terrorist attack against the homeland. There was great uncertainty when the economy and the stock market tanked in 2008, but no health scare to go along with the economic woes. At present, we have a pandemic, an »

Pence does AIPAC

Featured image Vice President Pence addressed AIPAC’s annual policy conference in Washington yesterday. I have posted the video below. The White House has posted the text of Pence’s speech here. The depth of the Trump administration’s support for Israel, as faithfully recounted by Pence, is astonishing. It is hard to believe that any other of the 2016 Republican contenders would have had the audacity to do all that Trump has done. As »

Pete Buttigieg, black voters, and Mike Pence

Featured image I have written a few times about Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who has moved rapidly from complete unknown to third place in a poll among Democratic contenders for the presidency. This weekend, Buttigieg formally announced his candidacy. There are two areas of significant controversy regarding Buttigieg that I haven’t mentioned so far. The first is doubts some African-Americans have about him. The second is his dispute »

Democrats: Be Careful What You Wish For

Featured image It is a sign of the times: the Democrats are delirious at the prospect of impeaching President Trump–not because he had an adulterous dalliance with a porn performer, which would have been considered a bad thing in the pre-Bill Clinton era, but rather because his payoff to her ostensibly constituted a campaign finance violation. For which no one is punished, ever, except Dinesh D’Souza. Some Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, are »

Liberal media fawns over Kim Jong Un’s sister

Featured image I’ll say this for Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong — she’s considerably better looking than the goon who runs North Korea. This may be faint praise, but there’s nothing faint about the praise being heaped on the dictator’s sister by America’s mainstream media. According to CNN, to take perhaps the worst example, “if ‘diplomatic dance’ were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would »

Pence rocks the Knesset

Featured image The Israeli Knesset held a special session yesterday to welcome Vice President Pence. Pence was the first American vice president to address the Knesset. He spoke to a packed room. Among those welcoming the vice president were the Israeli president, the Israeli prime minister, and the Israeli leader of the opposition. Roughly all of Israel’s political establishment turned out. The United States embassy in Tel Aviv, soon to be in »

A penny’s worth of thoughts on Pence

Featured image As vice president-elect, Mike Pence and his family attended the musical “Hamilton” in New York City. After the performance, as the Pence family was leaving the theater, the cast saw fit to deliver a political lecture to the soon-to-be VP. Pence, a better man than me, halted and listened respectfully to the left-wing sermon. He told his family that this is what freedom looks like. Yesterday, Vice President Pence attended »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll expounds THE PENCE PROTECTION PRINCIPLE. She writes: If, like me, you are fortunate enough to live into late, late middle age, you will think that you have heard everything. But, sadly, you will have not. So, when the breaking news story about Vice President Pence’s principle of not dining alone with a woman other than his wife hit the airwaves, it could have triggered any number of sane »

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mike Pence: Soul Brothers?

Featured image The cultural left is in full meltdown mode over Vice President Mike Pence’s remarks on how he takes his Christian duty to ward off the sinful temptations of the flesh by never dining alone with women, and watching his alcohol use. It is a totally silly controversy (but that’s the specialty of the cultural left, isn’t it?), and I wouldn’t much bother commenting on it, except that Pence finds an »

Trump’s synthesis [UPDATED]

Featured image In the run-up to this year’s election, when I thought Hillary Clinton would win, I speculated about what a post-Trump GOP would look like. It seemed to me that the Party might settle on a synthesis that mixed two doses of traditional conservatism with one dose of Trumpianism. Based on Trump’s early moves, especially his appointments, it looks like this might be the formula. Except I’m not sure about the »

Did Pence want to be booed?

Featured image Of course not. But that’s the theory of a liberal Washington Post writer called Catherine Rampell. She writes: I. . .wouldn’t be surprised if Pence attended Friday’s performance specifically hoping, or at least expecting, to stoke boos and a brouhaha that would ultimately rouse the Republican base — and distract from much more embarrassing Trump-related news. What embarrassing Trump-related news? The Trump University settlement, foreign diplomats booking stays at Trump’s »

Freakout on Broadway shows conservatives should maintain a status apart

Featured image Conservatives critics have written favorably about the musical “Hamilton.” Alexander Hamilton is, after all, a hero to some conservatives. And conservatives are inclined to be pleased any time large audiences are exposed to American history in a manner that doesn’t abuse or demean men like Hamilton. In the case of “Hamilton,” conservative critics found the history presented to be serious and reasonably accurate. Even so, I couldn’t help suspecting that, »

Mike Pence takes the high road

Featured image John has written about what happened when Mike Pence attended the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” yesterday. First, members of the audience booed Pence when he and his family took their seats. Then, when the performance was over and the Pences were exiting, a member of the cast read a harangue against Donald Trump, on behalf of the cast, that was addressed to the vice president-elect. In response, Trump went on »

Escapism anyone? A look at 2020

Featured image Assuming that Donald Trump loses this year’s presidential race, who is likely to be the GOP nominee in 2020? The FiveThirtyEight crew takes a stab at this question (as well as the Democrats’ side of the equation). The discussion is too snarky and anti-Republican for my taste, but worthwhile nonetheless. Here (in no special order) are the six Republicans I consider most likely to be the nominee in four year: »

The Kaine cacophony [with comment by Paul]

Featured image The GOP has compiled the video below of Tim Kaine making his presence felt in the vice-presidential debate event last night. The video keeps a running tabulation of Kaine interruptions that reaches 72. It seems to me that Kaine must have set some kind of a record for obnoxious behavior in such events. To surpass Joe Biden’s performance against Paul Ryan in 2012 on that score, Kaine had to go »

After last night

Featured image The vice-presidential debate between Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence last night gave us two sides of Kaine: Kaine can’t and Kaine cant. Kaine can’t say he’ll be Clinton’s right-hand man. No, he’ll be her “right-hand person.” When it comes to men, Democrats are riding the culture wave and would prefer not to distinguish between men and women for certain purposes. Announcing himself Hillary Clinton’s right-hand man wouldn’t be »

Vice presidential debate shows what might have been

Featured image There were really two debates tonight during the Kaine-Pence encounter. The first was a policy debate in which the key questions were whether, on a range of issues, Obama administration is a success and whether there’s a need for major change. The second was a debate over the merits of Donald Trump and, more particularly, whether a wide range of statements by Trump can be defended. Mike Pence won the »