Sexual harassment

Tara Reade is under investigation for giving false testimony as expert witness

Featured image Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s accuser, apparently testified for years as an expert witness in domestic violence cases. In doing so, Reade may have given false testimony about her credentials. She may have testified falsely that she has a bachelor’s degree from Antioch University in Seattle and that she never took the California bar exam (it seems she took that exam and failed it). She may also have exaggerated her duties »

The media’s ineffective attack on Tara Reade’s sex harassment claim

Featured image In his CNN interview about Tara Reade’s allegation of sexual assault, Joe Biden told Mika Brzezinski that he wasn’t attacking Reade. Instead, he was just saying the alleged assault didn’t happen. Biden knew that he didn’t have to attack Reade. The mainstream media and his other Democratic allies would do that work for him. Now, they have. They are “attacking the victim” in ways that would outrage feminists and #MeToo »

More corroboration for Tara Reade

Featured image A court document from 1996 shows that, in 1993, Tara Reade told the man who became her husband that she was being sexually harassed while working for Joe Biden. The document was obtained by The Tribune, a newspaper in San Luis Obispo, California where Reade resided in 1996. The husband (soon to become an ex-husband) submitted the document to the court in connection with a restraining order Reade filed against »

Biden opposed creation of office to probe sex harassment by Senators

Featured image The Office of Senate Fair Employment Practices was established in 1991 to investigate claims of discrimination, including sexual harassment, arising from the Senate. Some Senators opposed the creation of this office. The opposition was bipartisan. It included Republicans, led by Warren Rudman, as well as Democrats, including Joe Biden. Prior to the creation of this office, Congress was exempt from laws banning employment discrimination. Charles Grassley introduced an amendment to »

Biden’s misdirection

Featured image One of Joe Biden’s main talking points during his interview today with Mika Brzezinski about Tara Reade’s sexual assault claim was that he has asked the National Archives to search his Senate personnel files for any record of a complaint by Reade. Biden insisted that such a complaint would be in personnel files and that such files are at the Archives, not among Biden’s Senate papers housed at the University »

Biden denies Tara Reade’s allegation, holds up okay under questioning

Featured image Joe Biden went on television this morning to deny Tara Reade’s allegation that he sexually assaulted her many years ago. Mika Brzezinski did the questioning and she pressed Biden fairly hard. My only complaint about her performance is that she didn’t ask Biden about the recent corroboration of Reade’s claim that she complained to others about Biden’s behavior during the period following its alleged occurrence. I would love to have »

Corrupt lecher to help select female running mate for Biden

Featured image Former Senator Chris Dodd has been named co-chairman of the committee that will help Joe Biden pick a vice presidential nominee. Dodd resigned from the Senate after a string of favor-trading scandals. David Harsanyi reminds us: Most scandalously, Dodd had slipped an amendment into the 2008 “stimulus” bill ensuring that AIG executives would get their bonuses paid by taxpayers. AIG, not incidentally, had donated more to Dodd, who initially lied »

Will Tara Reade’s allegation hurt Biden’s bid for the presidency?

Featured image Tara Reade’s allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her now has more than minimal corroboration, and certainly more corroboration than allegations, such as Christine Blasey Ford’s, that Democrats and feminists concluded were true and disqualifying. This state of affairs is highly embarrassing for Democrats and feminists, and will amount to a major blow for the MeToo movement — a blow that’s well deserved given that movement’s overreach. But will the »

More corroboration of Tara Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden

Featured image According to this report by Business Insider, a former neighbor of Tara Reade’s says that Reade told her about Biden’s alleged assault way back in the mid-1990s. Lynda LaCasse, who lived next door to Reade in the years shortly after Reade left Biden’s employ, says “this happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it.” LaCasse, who says she plans to vote for Biden, told Business Insider: »

More corroboration of claim that Biden committed sexual assault

Featured image Tara Reade’s claim that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her decades ago already had more behind it than did Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation of the same crime. Blasey Ford couldn’t produce any witness to say she complained about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged misconduct at or around the time it supposedly occurred. Reade has two such witnesses, one of her friends at the time and her brother. Now, Reade has more corroboration. She »

Washington Post fails to debunk sexual assault claim against Biden

Featured image The Washington Post has finally gotten around to covering the allegation by an ex-Biden staffer that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her. The ex-staffer, Tara Reade, made this allegation weeks ago. I wrote about it here. Hoping to debunk Reade’s allegation, the Post sent four reporters into the field. The four reporters failed to accomplish this mission. Instead, a friend of Reade’s corroborated her account of a conversation in which Reade »

Bloomberg’s treatment of women, a closer look

Featured image I don’t know how much longer we’ll have Michael Bloomberg to “kick around” or, if he persists, whether he will remain worth writing about as a candidate. However, I want to say more about the attacks against him for his alleged behavior towards female employees. I don’t want to discuss this from a political perspective, except to say that the allegations are extremely damaging politically. I want to talk about »

Michael Bloomberg’s alleged harassment of women

Featured image African-Americans and radical feminists are core constituencies of the modern Democratic Party. Mike Bloomberg, who seeks that party’s nomination for president, may soon find himself in hot water with both. However, the circumstances that may land him there vary materially. If Bloomberg finds himself in trouble with African-American voters, it will be because as mayor of New York he used policing policies that help prevent crime, and because videos show »

The (alleged) cruelty of Judge Stephen Reinhardt

Featured image I want to follow up on Steve’s report about alleged sexual harassment by the left-liberal hero, Judge Stephen Reinhardt. You can watch the testimony of Olivia Warren, Reinhardt’s alleged victim, below. As a lawyer, I litigated more than a few sexual harassment cases. I also contributed a chapter to an early case book on the subject. Thus, I have read the factual allegations in many hundreds of sexual harassment cases »

The pathetic case of Al Franken [UPDATED]

Featured image Jane Mayer writes about Al Franken’s downfall at the hands of the #MeToo movement. The piece is called “The Case of Al Franken.” It’s obvious that Mayer believes Franken didn’t do much wrong and that he shouldn’t have been pushed out of the Senate by his fellow Democrats. Mayer doesn’t come right out and say so. However, she makes her position clear by (1) noting that a number of Democrats »

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, Turn

Featured image On Sunday, the London Times published an explosive story about records of FBI surveillance of Martin Luther King, Jr., that have hitherto been kept secret. They were discovered by David Garrow, a socialist historian whose biography of King titled Bearing the Cross won a Pulitzer prize in 1987. So far, the London Times story has not been picked up by many American news outlets. The New York Times, for example, »

The Anita Hill rewrite

Featured image Those of us who lived through the confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that Anita Hill was lying with our eyes wide open. We observed the inconsistencies between her conduct and her testimony. The more we learned about what had gone on behind the scenes to knock off Thomas with the instrumentality of Hill, the more we understood that Hill was a willing instrument »