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Featured image We have followed what I call Minnesota massive free lunch fraud. At Center of the American Experiment Bill Glahn has added to the story with his own analysis. Most recently, Bill took a look back at what we have learned to date in “Feeding frenzy.” On Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. Central Alpha News will post a five-minute video on Minnesota’s big-bucks free lunch fraud. I saw the video at »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll fires off PART 3: LIES WE ARE FORCED TO BELIEVE – AND TO REPEAT. She writes: There is no way that we can possibly cover ALL the Orwellian lies and woke absurdities that we are forced to swallow daily AND repeat if we want to sit with the Cool Kids in the Lunchroom. Or have a job or a bank account. Most lies have been addressed by others, »

Corruption Is Endemic

Featured image These two recent stories have little in common except that they both raise the question: why have massive frauds become commonplace in our society? The first comes from Yale Medical School, via the New York Post: a Yale employee defrauded the university of more than $40 million over a period of up to ten years: A former Yale University employee admitted to pilfering more than $40 million worth of electronics »

A case study

Featured image If your parents ever admonished you not to hang around with a bad crowd, you might want to attend to the story of Columbia University’s “gang scholar,” Sudhir Venkatesh. Ariel Kaminer’s Sunday New York Times article explores Professor Venkatesh’s scholarship and publications. Professor Venkatesh’s published work seems to be headed in the general direction of Tom Wolfe, out of whose pages Venkatesh coincidentally seems to have walked: [A]t Columbia, where »

Live from Minneapolis with John Fund

Featured image After his lunch appearance that John Hinderaker writes about in the adjacent post, National Review columnist John Fund debated Hennenpin County Attorney Mike Freeman on the subject of voter fraud and the proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment that I have been writing about in the “Ritchie ratchet” series of posts. When I caught up with him a few minutes before the event got started, John Fund graciously asked me: “Aren’t you »