Putin: Obama Has “Mush For Brains”

Featured image Vladimir Putin once again showed his deep respect for Barack Obama, as he complained about the incompetence of U.S. policy in Syria: “Now, we often hear that our pilots are striking the wrong targets, not IS,” Putin said at an investment forum in Moscow explaining that Russia had asked Washington to provide a list of targets. But Washington declined. “‘No, we are not ready for this’ was the answer,” Putin »

Hillary Clinton: The Mae West of the internet

Featured imageThe Associated Press has a devastating story about the vulnerabililty to hackers of Hillary Clinton’s home-brew email server. AP reports: The private email server running in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s home basement when she was secretary of state was connected to the Internet in ways that made it more vulnerable to hackers, according to data and documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Clinton’s server, which handled her personal and State Department »

“Truth” and other lies (3)

Featured imageI’ve lost my sense of humor about the Rathergate movie Truth. Watching the TimesTalks love-in with Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Dan Rather, and Mary Mapes aggravated my condition. I may need to take another lesson in Beatles harmony with Galeazzo Frudua to get right with the world. Another lesson or three. NR editor Rich Lowry is helping me get some perspective this morning. Rich devotes his syndicated column to “the »

Understanding the zombie apocalypse

Featured imagePaul Cantor is Clifton Waller Barrett Professor at the University of Virginia. He is a scholar who loves and venerates Shakespeare along with American popular culture, which makes perfect sense if you think about it. In his most recent Conversation (video below, about 90 minutes), Bill Kristol sits down with Professor Cantor for an extended discussion of American popular culture. The video is broken into six chapters hereIf you want »

Should we believe fired Benghazi committee staffer’s claims?

Featured imageIt’s a good week for the mainstream media when it has a story with which to beat up on congressional Republicans, and a great week when it has two. This is a great week. The first story is, of course, the House Republicans’ quest to attempt to find a new Speaker. For an indeterminate period, this may be the gift that keeps on giving. The second story must also warm »

Enjoy the Democratic Presidential Debate at Power Line Live

Featured imageTomorrow evening the Democrats’ first presidential debate will take place, from Las Vegas. It promises to be entertaining: To which candidate will the CNN hosts suck up most relentlessly? Will anyone mention that Hillary will be lucky not to be indicted for violations of 18 USC § 1924? Will anyone suggest to Bernie Sanders that being an admitted socialist is not the path to victory? Will Joe Biden helicopter in »

Three Cheers for Carbon Dioxide

Featured imageCarbon dioxide is plant food, one of the basic necessities for almost all life on Earth. That enviros have tried to turn CO2 into a bogeyman verges on the bizarre. In fact, increasing levels of CO2 have already been of great benefit to plants and humans. This paper by Indur Goklany and the Global Warming Policy Foundation is an excellent corrective to warmist hysteria: Carbon dioxide fertilises plants, and emissions »

“Truth,” according to the Times (3)

Featured imageI have taken another pass at commenting on this past Thursday’s New York Times love-in with Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Dan Rather, and Mary Mapes talking about the forthcoming Rathergate film Truth. I take a whack at the Times in the City Journal column “Truth and the New York Times.” Power Line readers don’t need my brief refresher course on the facts of the scandal, but I think you will »

Americans Tell Obama: We’re Losing the War

Featured imageRasmussen Reports has been asking Americans since 2004, Who is winning the War on Terrorism—the United States and its allies or the terrorists? Today Rasmussen says: More voters than ever think terrorists have the advantage over the United States and its allies. The current survey of 1,000 likely voters finds that only 26% think we are winning the war against terrorists, while 46% think the terrorists are winning. Here are »

It ain’t me, babe

Featured imageLast night 60 Minutes aired an interview with President Obama conducted by Steve Kroft. The interview ran over two segments. Videos and transcript are posted here. In the first half of the interview Kroft asked about foreign policy. The questions were critical and the atmosphere was tense. Obama was not pleased. Obama yammered in his accustomed style. Kroft interrupted to note that he felt like he was being filibustered. Again, »

The NY Times Complains About the Competition

Featured imageToday’s New York Times featured a story titled “The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election.” The article reported on an investigation by Times reporters into public filings disclosing individual and superpac support for presidential candidates. This is the supposedly explosive finding: Just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House. The Times tries to fit the data into a “big money »

Russia and Iran running neck-and-neck in Obama-humiliating sweepstakes

Featured imageIran and Russia are competing to see which nation can humiliate President Obama more. Russia got off to a flying start with its intervention in Ukraine and its “assistance” to Obama in the non-enforcement of the president’s red line against the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria. Iran, its economy crippled by the U.S. led sanctions regime, was falling way behind. But the mullahs trumped Putin »

Who Reads Power Line?

Featured imageBill McClay, that’s who. Wilfred McClay, as he’s known more formally, is a “noted conservative public intellectual” according to Wikipedia, and you should take in some of his regular contributions to Commentary, First Things, the New Atlantis, and elsewhere. We just spent a splendid two days together at Rhodes College in Memphis in the company of Roger Scruton, about whom more shortly. »

How Jonah Became Jonah! (Part 3)

Featured imageIn this third and final installment of our conversation with Jonah Goldberg, Jonah recounts the origin of his first book, Liberal Fascism, and reflects on the role of the “Claremonsters” in awakening the attention of conservatives to the importance of Progressivism in deforming America’s constitutional order—a strain that was notably missing from the conservatism of the 1950s and the early National Review school. It’s about nine minutes long: »

“Truth,” according to the Times (2)

Featured imageLate last week the New York Times celebrated the forthcoming release of the Rathergate film Truth, starring Robert Redford as Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes. The Times event featured all four of them. “The full catastrophe,” as I would like to think of it. The Times convened the panel to discuss the film and the underlying story before an enthusiastic New York audience. Moderated by Times Magazine »

Power Line’s Compleat Guide to Aquatic-Assisted Childbrith

Featured imageFor a coastal Californian, it borders on cultural negligence that I have not noticed before now the fad of dolphin-assisted childbirth. Yes—it’s a real thing among the sufi-yogan new age crystal-gazing gluten-conscious set. Apparently some devotees of this method believe that newborns will be acquire an innate ability to understand and communicate with dolphins. And of course it is a stupid idea. If you want to take in how truly »

Donald Trump and the decline of America’s moral ecology

Featured imagePeter Wehner writes about the “cultural and moral context that allows someone like [Donald] Trump – narcissistic, crude, obsessed with wealth and fame, and who has never felt the need to ask God for forgiveness – to emerge.” Pete believes that “it is hardly a coincidence that Donald Trump shot to the top of the polls in a nation that celebrates the Kardashians.” I agree. Pete ties his discussion of »