Portlandia: City of the Petty, Bankrupt, Vindictive Left

Featured image One of the staples of Portland, Oregon—”Portlandia” to TV viewers— is the annual Rose Festival, now in its 82nd year, and it has for several years now featured a kickoff parade, akin to the Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1 every year. But this year’s parade, scheduled for this weekend, has been cancelled. The reason: It was going to include—gasp—Republicans! And this is too much for the hardened left, »

Democrats Are Being Crushed In the Heartland

Featured imageFor good political news, you can’t do better than South Dakota, my home state. The Democrats haven’t yet ceased to exist, but they are on a death watch. The events of this week are classic. The Democrats are holding their big annual event, the McGovern Day dinner, next weekend at the Ramkota in Sioux Falls. They invited Minnesota’s Keith Ellison to be their featured speaker. But then they got cold »

The sanctuary cities ruling turns out to be nothing much

Featured imageThere is considerably less to Judge Orrick’s ruling on “defunding” sanctuary cities than initially seemed to be the case. Andy McCarthy explains that the ruling is basically an “advisory opinion” (which courts aren’t supposed to issue). The ruling is advisory because neither San Francisco nor Santa Clara, the municipal plaintiffs before Judge Orrick, faced any sort of enforcement action pursuant to the executive order they challenged. Indeed, no entity anywhere »

Democrats Pin Hopes On Naked Singing Cowboy

Featured imageThe Democrats are spending millions on all of the special elections that are being held to fill seats vacated by House members who have been appointed to positions in the Trump administration. They see these elections as a way to symbolically repudiate Donald Trump, and they think that by deploying their vast financial resources, they can steal a seat or two that they wouldn’t normally win. Such a race is »

When clothes don’t make the man

Featured imageSix-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon: $5.34 Copy of Hillbilly Elegy (hardcover): $15.67 Designer jeans caked in fake dirt and mud: $425 The appearance of escaping a liberal bubble: priceless. So writes Philip Wegmann regarding Nordstrom’s “dirty jeans,” which it sells for $425. Nordstrom advertises the jeans this way: These heavily distressed medium-blue denim jeans embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that »

Such a deal (3)

Featured imageTucker Carlson invited Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell to discuss the Iran deal in the context of Josh Meyer’s bombshell report for Politico. Meyer shows that Team Obama had a whole lotta lyin’ goin’ on. Where’s the outrage? Swalwell is not inclined to look back. It’s all ancient history. The video below from Tucker’s Fox News shows last night reflects Swalwell’s struggle to keep his Obama era talking points straight. Ben »

Climate: We’ll Always Have Paris

Featured imageOne of the most accurate lines in movie history is Mel Brooks’s Gov. Wm. J. LePetomaine in Blazing Saddles, exclaiming, “We’ve got to protect our phoney-baloney jobs!” The State Department is living up to this dictum this week. As we reported here a couple weeks ago, the Trump Administration is divided about whether to honor Trump’s campaign pledge to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Today Bloomberg »

Such a deal (2)

Featured imageHere and here, we noted Josh Meyer’s 7300-word investigative report for Politico on the odious hostage deal we arrived at with Iran last year further to the even more odious JCPOA. When it comes to the approach of President Obama and his flacks to these deals, let me adapt the song made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis: whole lotta lyin’ goin’ on. If the Democrats’ mainstream adjunct has its way »

Emmanuel Macron: Wrong man, wrong time?

Featured imageIn an article called “The French, Coming Apart,” Christopher Caldwell, drawing heavily on the work of author Christophe Guilluy, argues that globalization has effectively cut France in two. In 16 dynamic urban areas, Caldwell says, the world’s resources have proved a profitable complement to those found in France. However, other cities and towns have become “desertified,” with the empty storefronts and blighted downtown sectors Rust Belt Americans know well. Caldwell »

Former Official: Obama Administration Misled on Climate Change

Featured imageWe have written about the corruption of climate science over and over again. Tragically, the agencies that are responsible for maintaining surface temperature records are staffed by zealots who put ideology ahead of science. Agency after agency around the world has been caught “adjusting” temperature records to fit the alarmists’ theories. They do this by lowering past temperature records and raising recent ones. Today the Daily Caller reveals a different »

The Insane Left Hits Rock Bottom

Featured imageI thought the cultural left couldn’t get any more ridiculous than when there was a complaint that the Vagina Monologues weren’t inclusive enough because it excluded men and trans-people, though I don’t know why we should be so specieist about it. In any case, behold Bill Nye, supposedly the “science guy,” bucking to become Bill Nye the Weimar Guy (hat tip to an anonymous Facebook poster for this astute characterization), »

Freedom Caucus endorses revised Obamacare replacement proposal

Featured imageThe House Freedom Caucus, which helped block Paul Ryan’s original Obamacare repeal and replacement legislation, has agreed to support a revised bill. The Washington Post describes, in general terms, the new approach. If the new incarnation gains sufficient support from moderate House Republicans, it will pass. This might happen quickly. For me, the key question in evaluating Obamacare replacement legislation is the impact on premiums. Not having studied the new »

U.N. warns that repealing Obamacare may be illegal

Featured imageDana Milbank reports, with glee, that the United Nations “has contacted the Trump administration as part of an investigation into whether repealing [Obamacare] without an adequate substitute for the millions who would lose health coverage would be a violation of several international conventions that bind the United States.” The warning comes from the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights in Geneva. The U.N. Human Rights Commission (now »

Not at the White House with Trump

Featured imageThe Hill’s Jonathan Easley reports on the reception for conservative media at the White House late Monday afternoon. Easley himself didn’t attend the event. Easley relays the complaints of frustrated guests. Easley tentatively recounts a few of the questions asked at the event. For some reason he omits Trump’s answers. We see as through a glass darkly. Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it. The limitations of »

A Strange Fact About Emmanuel Macron

Featured imageThe French election has come down to a runoff between Emmanuel Macron and Marine le Pen. The French establishment is uniting behind Macron, who is considered a mainstream figure. In one respect, though, his history is odd: he is married to one of his high school teachers, who was a married mother of three when they met. The Sun has the story, with the headline: “How French election front runner »

Judge blocks Trump’s order on sanctuary cities

Featured imageJudge William Orrick, III, appointed by President Obama after he raised at least $200,000 for his fellow left-liberal, has issued an order blocking President Trump from withholding funds to communities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities. Judge Orrick ruled that the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending. The ruling sounds high-minded and principled. However, as someone said in an email, if a city wanted »

Dave Begley: Live from Omaha, it’s Scott Walker

Featured imageOmaha attorney Dave Begley covered the appearances of presidential candidates in Iowa and Nebraska for us over the past two years. Last week he reported here on the appearance of Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders in Omaha. Today he follows up with the counterprogramming of Mayor Jean Stothert, reported here by the Omaha World-Herald: Scott Walker was brought to Omaha in response to the visit of Bernie Sanders last week. »