The Obama-Hillary Libya debacle

Featured image Everyone understands by now that our intervention in Libya produced a disaster. But many fail to appreciate the magnitude of the disaster. And few understand that the stated reason for the intervention, to prevent a bloodbath, lacked any real basis in fact. Writing in Foreign Affairs, Alan Kuperman, an associate professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, provides clarity on these points. »

Follow Thursday’s GOP Debates at Power Line Live

Featured imageWhen the 2012 primary campaign was hot, thousands of Power Line readers joined us at Power Line Live to follow the action and cheer on their favorites. When the presidential debates ensued, thousands more cheered our guy, Mitt Romney. Since then, with a few exceptions, Power Line Live has gone dark. Maybe we should have fired it up for the Super Bowl, or the World Series–or even, sorry Paul, the »

More Renewable Energy = More Expensive Energy

Featured imageThis post can be viewed as a companion to Steve’s post immediately below. “Greens” are hailing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan as a Great Leap Forward, economically as well as environmentally. As I understand it, the EPA is even claiming that requiring more energy to be generated via wind and solar will not increase its cost. That is ridiculous, of course, as wind and solar are nowhere near as »

Obama Relies On Hollywood and Anti-Semites to Sell Iran Deal

Featured imageI wrote here about the Obama administration’s use of a YouTube video starring Hollywood celebrities like Morgan Freeman and comedian Jack Black to promote its Iran deal. The video is entirely fact-free, but for the bare assertion that absent the agreement, we will all be killed in a nuclear war. Seriously. Today Michael Ramirez ridiculed Obama’s Hollywood outreach campaign: That’s bad enough. Even worse is the Obama administration’s reliance on »

Climate: The (Flabby) Arms of Krupp

Featured imageThe Wall Street Journal editorial page this morning suggests that individual states should simply refuse to cooperate with Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” finalized on Monday. But across the page from their feisty editorial is an op-ed article singing a “hosanna we’re saved!” hymn about the wonderfulness of the climate plan from Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund. There are a large number of snarky online comments on why »

Richard Schweiker, RIP

Featured imageI neglected to note yesterday the passing of another significant figure, former Pennsylvania Senator and HHS Secretary Richard Schweiker. He became a person of special prominence in 1976 when Ronald Reagan announced he’d pick Schweiker—who had a reputation as a very liberal Republican—if he (Reagan) wrested the nomination away from Gerald Ford. Many conservatives were appalled, but when Schweiker became HHS Secretary in 1981, he turned out to be a »

Robert Conquest, RIP

Featured imageSad news this hour of the passing of the great historian Robert Conquest, at the age of 98. Conquest surely deserves to be counted among the top five most important historians of Communism and the Soviet Union in our time. His book The Great Terror, about the Soviet purges and deliberate famine policy of the 1930s, made it impossible for anyone to deny the essential character of Stalin’s regime. But »

5th Planned Parenthood Video Discusses “Intact Fetal Cadavers”

Featured imageI have suspected from the beginning that the ten or more videos of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing the selling of infant organs would get progressively worse (for PP), and there have been rumors that one or more might contain evidence of intact fetal cadavers or even confirmation of a live birth terminated outside the womb (what normal people would call “infanticide”). Today the Center for Medical Progress released the fifth »

Obscure no more

Featured imageWhen Professor Lesley Goodman left St. Paul to undertake her new responsibilities in the English Department at Union College, she left a long reading list of Victorian novels and modernist literature for me to continue my pursuits. I am slowly following up, though I greatly miss her helping hand. She is an inspired teacher of literature. In her course on the Victorian novel at Macalester College I reveled in George »

Friedman’s greatest hits

Featured imageIn honor of what would have been Milton Friedman’s (103rd) birthday this week, John Hawkins has culled “20 best quotes” from Friedman’s work. Friedman was of course a deserving winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1976. Reading through the quotes, I recall that Friedman also had a Newsweek column. He had one or more series on PBS. He wrote books promoting freedom for a popular audience. One or »

Hillary’s Supporters Want to Repeal the Bill of Rights

Featured imageThis is a man in the street video filmed by Mark Dice in San Diego. I don’t know anything about Dice, but these Hillary supporters have got to go: if you tell them that Hillary wants to repeal the Bill of Rights, they are on board. No one ever said democracy would work if people are stupid. Still, no matter how low your expectations are, this is painful: »

The Immigration Onslaught Continues

Featured imageWe are in the midst of the biggest influx of immigrants in our country’s history. In the next ten years, under current law, the federal government will issue 10 million green cards–more than the combined populations of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This chart is courtesy of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration: Subcommittee staff explains the significance of green cards, the large majority of which will go to low-skill »

Speaking of the Iran deal (12) [updated with video]

Featured imagePrime Minister Netanyahu spoke via live webcast this afternoon about our deal with Iran. I understand that the recorded video will be available later this afternoon. If it is embeddable I will post it here. Please check back later. The webcast was sponsored by and addressed to supporters of the Jewish Federations of North America. Thousands tuned in. The show got on the road 30 minutes later than scheduled. I »

Media Alert

Featured imageI will appear this afternoon on the Federalist Radio Hour, hosted by Ben Domenech. We will be discussing the First Amendment as it relates to injunctions barring the release of videos about the selling of fetal tissue. The program will air in Chicago from 3:00 to 4:00 (Central Time) on WCGO. It will also be available by link, which I will post on receipt. »

Scenes from the Reich

Featured imageLast week we featured observations from Angelo Codevilla, author of The Ruling Class, on the deeper sources of Trump’s appeal, namely, that Trump is talking back to the ruling class in a way no other candidate can or will. Yesterday Robert Reich came in on the same theme from the left in the Christian Science Monitor, examining the appeal of Trump and Bernie Sanders: Yet as enthusiasm for the bombastic »

Republican field passes debate warm-up test

Featured imageIt’s not difficult to find fault with the individual members of the huge GOP presidential field. But watching nearly all of them (Trump, Huckabee, and Gilmore were no shows) participate in the first candidate’s forum of the cycle, I was impressed with what I saw, and more inclined than I have been for some time to agree that the GOP does have a pretty deep bench. (We don’t get to »

Can Rand Paul use the Cleveland debate to make himself relevant?

Featured imageRand Paul has become a diminished force in the presidential race, to the point that we have wondered “where did Rand Paul go?” Thursday’s debate will give Paul an opportunity to roar back into the consciousness of Republican voters. But to do so, Dave Weigel of the Washington Post suggests, he will have to take a page out of his father’s playbook and swing for the fences as an ardent »