The Marches For Democrats, As Reported By Liberal Media

Featured image Today “marches for science” were held in hundreds of cities. The one here in the Twin Cities reportedly drew 10,000 liberals. In reality, of course, these were marches against President Trump or, stated differently, in favor of the Democratic Party. There isn’t anything surprising about that. When political factions are out of power because most people don’t agree with them, they like to march. To a remarkable degree, liberal media »

Socialist Death Squads Rule Venezuela

Featured imageThat isn’t quite how the New York Times puts it, of course. In fact, the words “socialist” and “socialism” never appear in its otherwise unsparing account. But Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro illustrates the inevitable arc of socialism, from parasitism to gangster rule. The uniformed men who shot Mr. Moreno were not government security forces, witnesses say. Rather, they were members of armed bands who have become key enforcers for »

Remembering the first Earth Day

Featured imageThe date was April 22, 1970. The place (for me) was Hanover, New Hampshire. I don’t think I participated in the festivities. However, I do recall a band playing “Season of the Witch.” Beatniks are out to make it rich; Oh no, must be the season of the witch. Appropriate, as it turned out. The first Earth Day came full of gloomy commentary and predictions from the scientific community. Mark »

Themes from a presidential campaign

Featured imageVoting in the French presidential election occurred today for citizens living outside of France. My wife voted at the French embassy here in Washington. Citizens living in France will vote tomorrow. The French government sent a package to potential voters containing brief pamphlets from each candidate. The front page featured a picture and a slogan. Slogans can sometimes be revealing. “Make America Great Again” and “Hope and Change” were good »

Scenes from the Science March

Featured imageThe “March for Science” is underway today, featuring the usual mountebanks like Michael Mann and Bill Nye. Liberals sure are fond of marching. It is doubtful that this march represents a true cross-section of actual scientists, but you never know. In any case, the whole thing parodies itself, making our job easy. In 2004, Harvard geneticist Richard Lewontin wrote a shocking admission in the New York Review of Books: “Most »

From Russia with crud (2)

Featured imageWhen the Trump campaign (allegedly) conspired with Putin to engineer the unlikely defeat of Hillary Clinton, did Putin get anything in return? Apparently not. The story line refuses to cohere. In the world according to the Democrats, however, if the facts don’t fit you must not acquit. You must recommit. Two months ago the sober Hudson Institute Distinguished Fellow and foreign policy historian Walter Russell Mead impolitely noted that “Trump »

Hard times for French Socialists

Featured imageJohn wrote below about the sorry state of the British Labour Party. It has fallen so low that it’s reduced to advertising on Twitter for candidates. In France, the Socialist Party is the analog of the British Labour Party. It has fallen even lower. In the presidential election be held this weekend, the Socialist candidate, Benoit Hamon, is expected to finish fifth. That would make him, in effect, a fringe »

In Re O’Reilly, Part Four

Featured imagePaul has written about the downfall of Bill O’Reilly in a series of three posts, the most alarming of which was Part Three. I want to add a cartoon coda. I don’t usually come down hard on hypocrisy. It strikes me as a relatively mild failing. But when it comes to liberals and Bill O’Reilly (or Donald Trump), the contradiction is so stunning that one can hardly help remarking on »

In re O’Reilly, Part Three

Featured imageAt the end of my post about Bill O’Reilly’s dismissal, I wrote: I very much doubt that the decision to fire O’Reilly was driven by the facts of his conduct. In all likelihood, it was driven by sponsor reaction. In other words, it was the product of corporate America — spineless and liberal as ever — and left-wing groups that exploit these weaknesses. The link for “left-wing groups” was to »

Dave Begley: Live from Omaha, it’s Keith and Bernie

Featured imageOmaha attorney Dave Begley covered the appearances of presidential candidates in Iowa and Nebraska for us over the past two years. Yesterday Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders came to town. The Omaha World-Herald was on hand for local readers. Dave reports: A national proxy political war is being waged in Omaha in the race for mayor. This might surprise Power Line’s national readership, but it is true. The Democrats desperately »

How to Drive the Left Insane, Part 12,895

Featured imageWanna drive the left out of its mind? Just invite Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and their girlfriends to the Oval Office, and then release the pic: The sit back and let liberals throw a snit: Really? Less dignified than what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office? Less dignified than this: Or this? »

The Week in Pictures: I Can’t Even Edition

Featured imageToo many clown cars colliding this week. Today is Earth Day (yawn), and also some kind of self-parodying science march, which will do for science with the woman’s march in January did for feminism. (But how will they outdo the hats?) I’m following the Berkeley/Ann Coulter drama in real time; stay tuned for updates. And Monday is Trump Day 100. Given that Trump has done everything contrary to the usual »

Labour Reduced to Advertising on Twitter For Candidates

Featured imageDemocrats may sometimes feel like an endangered species, but they haven’t fallen as low as Britain’s Labour Party. Prime Minister Theresa May has called an election, and, with a lot of Labour MPs deciding not to stand for re-election, the party has over 400 vacant slots to fill. Where can Labour find good candidates? On Twitter, they hope: Could you be a brilliant local MP? We’re looking for parliamentary candidates »

Green Weenie of the Week: The Nation’s Gasbags

Featured imageJust when you think the climatistas can’t get any stoopider, The Nation magazine comes along with this: The Other Poison Gas Killing Syrians: Carbon Dioxide Emissions By Juan Cole Wait! Stop right there? Juan Cole? The noted climate scientist Juan Cole? No: Juan Cole the radical leftist historian at the University of Michigan, a foe of Israel and apologist for the Iranian regime. Anyway. . . . . . Yet »

From Russia with crud

Featured imageWhatever happened to the story of Russia’s collusion with the Trump campaign? It shouldn’t be able to survive the reality of Trump’s first 100 days in office. While the investigations continue in Congress and at the FBI, I want to draw attention to a few recent columns I have found of interest. Consistent with Michael Doran’s prediction (via Twitter below), the alleged Trump collusion with Putin looks more farcical every »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll takes a roundabout approach to what LEFTIST LOONS SAY: “No More Ethnic Food for You!” She writes: Every week I make lunch or brunch for Anna, my cleaning woman, depending on her schedule. Being a Jewish mother, I believe it’s borderline criminal to make anyone go more than four hours without eating. Three is better yet, just to be on the safe side. Anna works very hard, is »

Should Trump have called Erdogan?

Featured imageAndy McCarthy sees the constitutional changes in Turkey as having “hammered the final nail in the coffin of [that] country’s democracy.” He castigates President Trump for calling to congratulate strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan on this accomplishment. Lee Smith sees the situation differently. He contends that the closeness of the referendum on Erdogan’s changes represents “a warning that he had better address Turkish voters’ key concerns—the economy, political stability, terrorism—or else »