Shoeless Joe, Sudden Sam, and Rapid Robert: All-time best Cleveland Indians

Featured image This year’s World Series pits the Cleveland Indians against the Chicago Cubs. The Indians have not won a World Series since before I was born. The Cubs haven’t played in a World Series since before I was born. And they haven’t won one since before my father was born. The bad news is that these facts will continue to give rise to a lot of rubbish about “curses.” The good »

Liberal Jews teach their kids to deal with anti-Semitism on liberal campuses

Featured imageRecently I learned that my Jewish congregation is providing training for college age congregants on how to deal with anti-Semitism on campus. That’s how bad things have gotten. I wonder whether the sad irony of the situation has registered with the congregation, the vast majority of whose members are leftists. Anti-Semitism is so rampant at America’s colleges and universities that teenage Jews need special training before entering this bastion of »

A New Climategate Scandal?

Featured imageThe East Anglia email scandal of 2009 was a major turning point in the climate change crusade. At the time I compared it to the Pentagon Papers—something that changed the narrative fundamentally. Now there’s another climate scandal breaking. The Daily Mail reported yesterday about the apparent fraud of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP), a project of the London School of Economics and the University of Leeds »

Cosmopolitan Environmentalism?

Featured imageIt’s not often we look to Cosmopolitan magazine for anything other than yoga routines and gourmet recipes (sarc alert). So who would have thought that you’d find something sensible—extremely sensible—about the environment in Cosmo. But Power Line tries to cover all the relevant media, and the current issue of Cosmo indeed features “8 Signs You’re Not the Environmentalist You Think You Are.” Some highlights from their eight points: It’s a »

What Is to Be Done? Trump Has Some Ideas

Featured imageDonald Trump has come out with his “Contract with the American Voter.” Hmmm, where have we heard this “contract” language before? Do I see the roly-poly profile of the person who’s name rhymes with “flute” lurking in the shadows? Actually this is a good idea for Trump. Beyond the wall, tax cut plan, and his views of tighter scrutiny for Muslim immigrants, he’s been lacking in details. His contract is »

South Dakota: A Beacon to the Nation [Updated With Video]

Featured imagePolitically, my home state is a model for the rest of the country. As the Associated Press notes, every statewide officeholder is a Republican, and both houses of the state’s legislature have Republican supermajorities. When Senator John Thune ran for re-election in 2010, the Democrats chose not to oppose him. This year–did you realize there was a Senate race going on in South Dakota?–the Democrats have come up with an »

(C) is for Cartwright

Featured imageRetired Marine General James Cartwright pleaded guilty last week to lying to the FBI in its investigation of him for leaking classified information to a reporter. Drawing on Josh Rogin’s Washington Post column, I wrote briefly about the guilty plea in “The case of General Cartwright.” Now former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy devotes his weekly NRO column to a comparison of the Clinton email investigation with the prosecution of General »

Philippine tilt towards China is latest fruit of Obama’s foreign policy

Featured imageIt hasn’t gotten much attention, but the embrace of China by the Philippines, and its renunciation of the United States, is the latest in the long, sorry series of major foreign policy setbacks we have suffered under President Obama. In a state visit to China, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte announced his country’s military and economic “separation” from the United States. He stated: America has lost now. I’ve realigned myself in »

Joe Biden: The plagiarist as pugilist

Featured imageScott has commented on Joe Biden’s tough talk about wanting to fight Donald Trump “behind the gym.” About Biden’s willingness to engage in fisticuffs and his prowess in that regard, I haven’t a clue. I do know that Biden lacked the courage to take on Hillary Clinton for the presidency. The vice president was cowed by the Clinton Machine. It was left to the much tougher Bernie Sanders to step »

Saturday Afternoon Coming Down

Featured imageScott was very kind this morning to draw attention to my Weekly Standard article “Crisis of the Conservative House Divided.” I would have done so myself, but I was on the road all day yesterday on a completely frivolous and speculative venture: I drove up to Modesto, the location where American Graffiti was filmed set, to meet up with my two best pals from high school (we call ourselves “The »

What is to be done?

Featured imageSteve Hayward’s current Weekly Standard article “Crisis of the conservative house divided” provides an anatomy of splits in the conservative movement exposed in the course of the 2016 presidential contest. It’s an important and illuminating essay. Steve’s essay turns on “the insidious political character of the ‘administrative state,’ a phrase once confined chiefly to the ranks of conservative political scientists, but which has broken out into common parlance. It refers »

The Russian connection (?)

Featured imageIt is impossible to keep up with the falsehoods with which we are inundated by the presidential campaigns. Take, for example, Hillary Clinton’s assertion that 17 intelligence agencies concur with the finding that the Russians are responsible for the DNC and WikiLeaks/Podesta email hacks. This has become a key Clinton campaign talking point, repeated again this morning by Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook on FOX News Sunday to Chris Wallace »

Stalin? Whodat???

Featured imageI think the study of ancient history extends to the advent of the first Clinton administration in 1993 or so. As we all know, and as former Latin students might say, ancient history has fallen into desuetude. I think this may explain the finding reported in Jamie Gregora’s Daily Signal story “This is the percentage of millennials who believe George W. Bush killed more people than Stalin.” I’m sure millennials »

Trump’s Gettysburg Address? He’s Off-Message!

Featured imageWhen the focus is on issues, Donald Trump wins. When the focus is on collateral nonsense, Hillary Clinton wins. So our liberal media have desperately tried to deflect attention away from the vital issues that separate the parties and the candidates, and toward a succession of critiques of Donald Trump’s personality. Sometimes Trump has enabled this, as with his four-day feud with the Khan family. But it no longer matters. »

Clues to a Mystery [Updated With a Third]

Featured imageEurope is being roiled by a populist uprising against a gigantic wave of immigration from the Middle East. More than a million “refugees,” the vast majority of them young men, have swarmed into Europe from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other Islamic countries. In days gone by, if large numbers of young men wanted to move into a foreign country, they had to be armed. No longer. Most Europeans are unhappy »

Corrections of the day [Updated With One More]

Featured imageThe total area of Minnesota is not quite 87,000 square miles. The total area of the United States is not quite 3,800,000 square miles. The numbers provide useful context to my nomination for the correction of the day. Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is one of the wonders of the state and the subject of Porter Fox’s interesting New York Times travel article “On the water, and into the »

Biden talks tough

Featured imageThe new news brings us a glimpse of a few more facets of the multifaceted Joe Biden. If he were a pop singer, one of his albums would have been titled The Many Moods of Joe Biden. We have come to know him as left-wing hack. We have come to know him as a vulgarian. We have come to know him as an ignoramus. We have come to know him »