Fallon’s fallacies, cont’d

Featured image I took a look at Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon’s resort to the Clinton scandal management playbook in “Fallon’s fallacies.” The ad hominem attack is the key play in the playbook. Last month the campaign called the play on Obama-appointed Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough, III. The Clintons generalize the ad hominem attack into the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Madam Hillary herself is the author of the phrase and »

Mark Toner concedes

Featured imageIn his post “Debate this,” Paul Mirengoff reviewed the latest developments in the Clinton email scandal as reported by Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne of FOX News. I found the significance of the developments hard to understand without Paul’s explanation. If you are interested in the scandal but haven’t taken the time to read up on the latest developments, I highly recommend Paul’s post. In the video below Herridge quizzes »

Sports post of the day: Isaianity revisited

Featured imageTwo years ago, I wrote about Isaiah Thomas. Not the Detroit Pistons superstar of yesteryear, but the 5-9 point guard who was beginning to light up the NBA. Referring to “Linsity” (the brief wave of enthusiasm for Jeremy Lin), I suggested that if Thomas played in New York (as Lin did), he would be a candidate for Isaianity, given his production, his height, and the fact that he was the »

The Week in Pictures: Feminist Meltdown Edition

Featured imageThe Clintons’ sense of entitlement is of a piece of the entire boomer-generation liberalism that expects because they made the sixties man! that they should be placed on a pedestal forever. So it was schadenfreudetastic to watch old feminists like Gloria Steinem proves that today’s young women need a feminist like a fish needs a bicycle. Meanwhile, Bernie keeps chugging that old socialist moonshine.   And finally. . .   »

The Case of the Spotted Cow

Featured imageIt’s not Sherlock Holmes, but rather an actual crime story. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports: A border-crossing beer run has landed two Maple Grove bar managers in a heap of legal trouble. In an unusual bust, undercover state investigators caught Maple Tavern illegally selling a beloved Wisconsin beer in April. The bar had tapped kegs of New Glarus Spotted Cow, a farmhouse ale that can only be sold in Wisconsin »

I wonder who’s Kissinger now

Featured imageIf I had known that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were going to debate about Henry Kissinger, I would have kept watching last night. Having been outdebated on foreign policy in the previous debate, Sanders opened a new line of attack featuring the 92 year-old former Secretary of State. At Politico, professor Gary Bass reports: Sanders announced that he had a “very profound difference” with Clinton. “In her book and »

Another South Carolina poll

Featured imageOkay, here’s a South Carolina poll that’s more in line than the one I mentioned yesterday with what I fear to be the case. Augusta Chronicle/ Morris News Service/Fox 5 Atlanta surveyed 779 likely GOP primary voters. The results are: Trump 36 Cruz 20 Rubio 14.5 Bush 11 Kasich 9 Carson 5 These results are nearly identical to those reported by Marist/WSJ/NBC in mid-January, except that Kasich has gained substantially. »

Damn, it feels good to be a Clinton

Featured imageTed Cruz’s campaign has produced this ad called “Damn, it feels good to be Clinton.” The ad is based on a famous scene from the movie “Office Space.” It combines the scene with lyrics based on the song “Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.” I was unfamiliar with both the movie and the song. Even so, I found the ad hilarious. Tevi Troy has written that Republican candidates »

Thinkin’ about “Lincoln”

Featured imageAs we celebrate the anniversary of Lincoln’s birth today, I want to take a look back at the 2012 film Lincoln. Until reading David Brooks’s obtuse column about the film, I was unsure that I knew enough to comment intelligently about it. Brooks persuaded me that I know at least as much as he does, however, and accordingly prompted me to offer the following in the way of notes for »

Remembering Mr. Lincoln

Featured imageToday is of course the anniversary of the birth of America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. As a politician and as president, Lincoln was a profound student of the Constitution and constitutional history. Perhaps most important, Lincoln was America’s indispensable teacher of the moral ground of political freedom at the exact moment when the country was on the threshold of abandoning what he called its “ancient faith” that all men are »

Debate this

Featured imageI tried to watch tonight’s debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I’ve managed to do it before. But this time, after about half an hour, I had to call it quits. It is just too aggravating to watch a socialist demagogue debate a liar doing a weak impersonation of a socialist demagogue. Let’s turn, instead, to the a recent batch of State Department documents released by Judicial Watch this »

Censorship, United Airlines Style

Featured imageIt’s not just at college campuses that politically incorrect speech is being censored. The other day I was killing time between connecting plane fights in the United Club at LAX, and I stumbled across a link to Paul Gottfried’s review of Brad Birzer’s fine new biography of Russell Kirk that appeared on the VDARE website. Gottfried is always interesting and highly readable, though usually idiosyncratic. But when I clicked on »

Being a Bureaucrat Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Featured imageWe have covered the Gold King Mine environmental disaster here, here, here and here. Briefly, the EPA and its contractor spilled three million gallons of toxic liquid contaminated with lead, arsenic, cadmium and aluminum into the Animas River. The spill turned the river orange and inflicted environmental damage for many miles downstream: In response to the spill, the EPA has been uncommunicative and unhelpful to the impacted communities. It has »

Does the “cessation of hostilities” in Syria provide Russia a win-win?

Featured imageThe U.S. and Russia have agreed to a “cessation of hostilities” Syria. The cessation won’t begin for about a week, but there supposedly will be immediate humanitarian access to desperately besieged areas of Syria. Before discussing this agreement, it’s worth looking at the current humanitarian, military, and political disaster in Syria, and to ask how it came about. The disaster currently is most clearly manifested in Aleppo, an ancient city »

After last night

Featured imageI watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders last night on PBS/CNN. You can too (complete video below), but you probably don’t want to. I understand. Nevertheless, one is reminded of things that matter by the exercise. The Democratic Party is united in staking its future on fundamental falsehoods, from race and crime and sex (discrimination) and illegal immigration and the position of the United States abroad. Watching »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll espies MORE BAD IDEAS (and One Good One). She writes: Hoo Boy, is the electorate in a cranky mood! Primary voters from both parties seem to be saying, “No! You Democrats will NOT tell me which protected grievance monger will be inevitable. And you Republicans will not choose which spineless patsy will be unable to criticize her and lay down and lose as planned. This may turn out »

Today’s sports post: The top 50 NBA players of all time [With Comment by John]

Featured imageActually, the sports post of the day is Scott’s item “The Tao of Gregg Popovich.” But readers might also be interested in Jack McCallum’s list for Sports Illustrated of the best 50 NBA players of all time. McCallum has been covering the NBA for 35 years and is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame (for his writing). Twenty years ago, he was on the committee that named the »