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What price Christie?

It was widely noted by Ted Bromund and others last year that upon entering office President Obama returned a bronze bust of Winston Churchill. The bust had been on loan as a symbol of the Special Relationship from the British Government to the United States since 9/11. According to Newsweek’s report, a White House spokesman said the Churchill bust was removed before Obama’s inauguration as part of the usual changeover »

What price Christie? cont’d

Featured image We now resume our long running series testifying to the singular strengths of Chris Christie as a presence on the national scene. Ambushed by Washington Post opinion writer/editorial board member Jonathan Capehart regarding his veto of a gay marriage bill in New Jersey, Christie, shall we say, more than held his own on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. According to Noel Sheppard, Christie smacked him down. According to me, Christie showed Capehart »

What price Christie? NR’s look

In a series of posts titled “What price Christie?” we have watched with great admiration the arguments presented by Governor Chris Christie to the people of New Jersey concerning the need to get a grip on state spending and taxation. We have seized on the dramatic videos in which Governor Christie makes his case, but we have done so without placing them in the context of the political battles in »

What price Christie? part 7

For readers who are new to this series, let me repeat my explanation of the title. In Volume V of Martin Gilbert’s monumental biography of Churchill (Winston S. Churchill:The Prophet of Truth: 1922-1939), we learn that an enormous poster appeared in the Strand and at other prominent points around London in the last week of July 1939. Placed by an advertising agent who was anxious “to get people thinking of »

What price Christie? part 6

Kyle Smith observes the doings of Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey this year and notes: “Chris Christie may look like Chris Farley, but in terms of conservative principles he’s as sexy as Christie Brinkley.” He then recounts Christie’s response to the reporter who suggested that he might be a bit “confrontational” in the video we posted in the first number of this series: Watching Christie respond was a revelation. »

What Price Christie? Part 5

These days, there is no more effective public servant than New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie. In this CNBC video, he runs a victory lap following the New Jersey legislature’s adoption of his austerity budget on a bipartisan basis. The budget closes a massive deficit by cutting spending by 9%, with no increased taxes. Every special interest group hated the budget, and some have threatened to sue. Governor Christie’s response: “If »

What Price Christie? Part 4

Who is the most inspiring conservative leader in America today? Happily, there are a number of pretty good answers to that question. But I’m not sure anyone tops New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Here he is again, speaking at a town hall meeting in Perth Amboy yesterday: UPDATE: So, how is Christie doing with New Jersey voters? Pretty well. Scott Rasmussen finds his approval/disapproval ratio at 51/45. Considering how deeply »

What price Christie? part 3

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has only been on the job since January, but he is already engaged in a death struggle with New Jersey’s public sector unions. He is articulate, combative, committed, spirited. He does not shy away from the fight. I don’t think we’ve seen his like in quite a while. If he survives and/or prevails, he will be an unstoppable force. I can’t get enough of the »

What Price Christie? Part 2

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the new hero of conservatives everywhere. Earlier today, he showed why when he conducted a town hall meeting in Bergen County. In the video below (via Cassy Fiano) he responds to a teacher who thinks she is underpaid, and someone who is outraged that state funding for the local library is slated to be cut: »

What price Christie? cont’d

Responding to “What price Christie?” a reader writes from New Jersey: I think you have to have lived in NJ for a while to really appreciate what Christie is trying to do. You might be surprised to learn that there are four branches of government in NJ: executive, legislative, judicial, and NJEA (NJ Education Association — the teachers’ union). Of the four, the last one is the most powerful. Never »

Christie in context

The BusinessWeek profile of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie supplies the political context of the several videos we have posted in our “What price Christie?” series. Will Governor Christie prevail in the Battle of New Jersey? He himself leaves it an open question, as he did in his interview with Paul Gigot earlier this summer. The BusinessWeek profile broadly outlines the challenges involved in Christie’s struggle to reduce New Jersey’s »

A great communicator

We have hailed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a series of posts titled “What price Christie?” The video below demonstrates that one element of his leadership is exemplary rhetorical skills. The guy is a great communicator. Is there anybody else like him on the Republican side? I don’t think anyone else comes close. In the video below he is asked the question whether he is going to fire anyone »

Chris Christie rides again

Roger Kimball takes note of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s latest video hit: I almost felt sorry (almost) for Marie Corfield, an elementary school teacher who stood up at a question-and-answer session with the governor and demanded to know how his reforms would help teachers since his budget cuts had resulted in so many lay-offs among the selfless pedagogues that populate New Jersey’s public schools. “We have some of the »

Crisp Christie?

Featured image The case of Chris Christie presents a certain amount of irony for the Power Line editorial board.  Unlike Paul, I tend to like Christie, and think his overly enthusiastic embrace of Obama before the election in 2012 is possibly forgivable for the simple reason that it stemmed from his effusive style that has made him so effective on other fronts (like smacking public employee unions around), and as Churchill liked »

The Christie Question

Featured image Paul gave us his critical but fair-minded overview of Chris Christie the other day, leaving slightly open the possibility that Christie might be acceptable to conservatives.  I think a little better of Christie than Paul does, but likewise remain unconvinced, and unsure how well he plays outside of New Jersey. If you think our dear, cuddly Paul can play rough, wait till you take in this assessment of Christie by »

What price Ayers? The finale

Featured image In “What price Ayers?” we reported on the Illinois Humanities Council’s remarkable online fundraising auction item: dinner for six with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the unrepentant terrorists and at least onetime friends of Barack Obama. In search of funds, the IHC made the item available for immediate purchase for $2,500; at the time we noted it the item had attracted one bid of $350. The IHC offered supporters the »

What price Volt?

Featured image Each Chevy Volt sold thus far may have as much as $250,000 in state and federal dollars in incentives behind it – a total of $3 billion altogether, according to an analysis by James Hohman, assistant director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Mackinac reports on the study here at its Michigan Capitol Confidential site. Mackinac sought a response from GM, which it has added as »

What price Ayers? An update

Featured image Last week in “What price Ayers?” we reported on the Illinois Humanities Council’s remarkable online fundraising auction item: dinner for six with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the unrepentant terrorists and former friends of Barack Obama. In search of funds, the IHC made the item available for immediate purchase for $2,500; at the time it had attracted one bid of $350. The IHC offered supporters the priceless opportunity to walk »

What price Ayers?

Featured image The Illinois Humanities Council is a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities; frequent subject Jim Leach presides as chairman of the NEH. The NEH provides almost all the funding for the IHC, but the IHC is looking for more. It has posted the Public Square’s tenth anniversary online fundraising auction with 12 items up for bid. The bidding opened yesterday and runs through December 19. Item 2 »

What price Qatar?

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is suggesting that the 2022 World Cup, recently awarded to Qatar by his corrupt organization, be played in January instead of the summer. The World Cup has always been played in summer because that’s the off-season for the world’s important leagues — the ones that produce nearly all of the stars that give the Cup its luster. But temperatures in Qatar reportedly reach 130 degrees during »