Bill Clinton

Hillary’s Anchor—Is It Bill?

Featured image An “anchor” is either the mainstay of an enterprise—think “anchorman” in a mile-relay or in a TV broadcast—but it is also what holds you in one place and prevents movement. If a boat anchor is tied around your neck, it takes you to the bottom. Seldom has the ambiguity or contrasting meaning of “anchor” been more apt than in the case of Bill Clinton. Politico reported Friday about the Big »

Today’s Clinton Scandal

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has an article out in the last hour about the latest Clinton scandal: Clinton Charity Aided Clinton Friends By James V. Grimaldi HASTINGS, Neb.—The Clinton Global Initiative, which arranges donations to help solve the world’s problems, . . . Oh just stop right there. “[W]hich arranges donations to help solve the world’s problems” is the best bit of droll comedy writing I’ve seen in a long »

The Big Dog Backs Down

Featured image Steve wrote here and Paul here about Bill Clinton’s standing up to Black Lives Matters bullies who tried to disrupt his speech yesterday. It was classic Big Dog: Clinton effectively put the unschooled demonstrators in their place, and taught them a history lesson. Why were strict criminal penalties, e.g. for crack cocaine, enacted during his administration? Because drugs and crime were ravaging the black community, and African-American leaders properly demanded »

The big dog barks, but the caravan moves on [UPDATED]

Featured image If you’re a Democratic politician, you uncomplainingly take crap from militant African-Americans; it’s what you do. Unless you’re Bill Clinton. He’s a former U.S. president. He doesn’t take crap from anyone. Thus, as Steve Hayward notes, the Big Dog barked back today at Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted his speech. Clinton shouted over the protesters for more than ten minutes, rejecting their claim that Hillary’s use of the term »

Democratic Party Meltdown

Featured image My goodness, while everyone is looking at the Donald Trump circus in the GOP, are we taking in the unraveling of the Democrats? First up, Chris Matthews takes his horse’s ass act to former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton on who will pay for all this “free” college Bernie (and also Hillary) wants. The result is not pretty: But the big story of today is the Big Dog himself, Billy »

A word about the Panama Papers

Featured image The so-called Panama Papers have made a big splash in the news this week. The New York Times backgrounder on the Papers is here. Yesterday the Panama Papers led to the resignation of Iceland’s prime minister. A knowledgable reader writes to explain that the Papers revolve around shell companies, which are a Panama specialty, and predicts that there will be disclosures with serious consequences for the people who are exposed »

Bill Clinton Unplugged

Featured image We know the Clintons privately despise Barack Obama, because he blocked Hillary’s path to the White House in 2008. Obama made her secretary of state for the old Machiavellian reason that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Hillary might have challenged him for the 2012 Democratic nomination if he had been in trouble, which he was of course, but as the first black president no ordinary »

Live from Omaha, it’s Bill Clinton

Featured image The Clinton death march back to the White House continues. Appearing in advance of the Nebraska caucuses today, Bill Clinton campaigned yesterday on behalf of Madam Hillary in Omaha and Lincoln. The Clinton death march back to the White House continues. The Omaha World-Herald reports here. Clinton also campaigned in Lincoln. The Lincoln Journal Star report is here. Omaha attorney David Begley reports from Omaha below. I have taken the »

Bill Clinton, just mailing it in

Featured image Campaigning in South Carolina on behalf of his wife, Bill Clinton said today that that the married coupled that engaged in the deadly mass shooting San Bernardino, California, had never been to the Middle East. But as Nathan McDermott of BuzzFeed points out, one of the shooters was raised in the region and the other had made several trips there. Tashfeen Malik was born in Pakistan and lived in Saudi »

Monday Morning News Roundup

Featured image I was indisposed most of the weekend at a conference (about which more in due course), so I have a lot to catch up on. Let’s look at a few headlines from the morning papers: From the Washington Post sports page print edition (I can’t seem to find it online), a story about women’s professional soccer: U.S. Women’s Strike Might Be Brewing Now, if I was a hacker, I’d correct »

CNN does the math

Featured image CNN has done the math on the speaking fees the Clintons has collected since Bill Clinton left office “dead broke.” The numbers are mind-boggling. The Clintons have done very well by themselves as class warriors for the common man: Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined to earn more than $153 million in paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign last spring, a »

Hillary is weirding out young feminists

Featured image Last month, writing about the possible role of Bill Clinton’s sex scandals in this year’s presidential campaign, I said: There are dozens of lines of attack against Hillary Clinton, nearly all of which will resonate with folks who already dislike her. The trick for the GOP nominee will be to select the handful that are likely resonate with other voters. I’m not certain what these lines of attack are, but »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Bill Clinton

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley has reported for us on the appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa over the past several months. The Iowa caucuses will take place on February 1. Dave anticipates that this may be his last Iowa report for us this cycle as the Des Moines Register calendar notes no further scheduled appearances of candidates in western Iowa before the caucuses. If this is his last report »

When Hillary wielded the hatchet for Bill

Featured image I wrote here and here about David Brock’s 1996 book The Seduction of Hillary Clinton. This would be the same David Brock who, via Media Matters, now runs interference for Hillary Clinton on scandals large and small. Although not a hatchet job, The Seduction of Hillary Rodham does not go easy on Hillary Clinton. Brock wrote: Hillary’s story is that of an intelligent, talented, ambitious, and very determined woman who »

The Bill Comes Due: Cosby vs. Clinton

Featured image Question: Would Bill Cosby be facing criminal charges if he hadn’t departed from liberal orthodoxy? Keep in mind that the old rumors and ugly stories were reignited by a liberal black comic, Hannibal Burress, who objected to Cosby’s controversial speeches from a few years ago criticizing urban black culture. If Cosby had kept to the politically correct line, I doubt he’d be facing charges. After all, look at the pass »

$8 million of Bill Clinton speaking cash speaks for itself

Featured image The Wall Street Journal reports that more than two dozen companies and groups and one foreign government paid former President Bill Clinton a total of more than $8 million to give speeches around the time they also had matters before Hillary Clinton’s State Department. In addition, fifteen of these companies/groups donated a total of between $5 million and $15 million to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. In some »

Are Bill Clinton’s sex scandals “fair game” in this election?

Featured image Ruth Marcus, a liberal Washington Post columnist, has argued that Bill Clinton’s sex scandals are “fair game” for his wife’s fellow presidential aspirants now that she has (1) enlisted Bill to campaign actively for her and (2) accused Donald Trump of sexism. Is Marcus right? In her terms, perhaps. “Fair game” in this context apparently now corresponds to the concept of “opening the door” in the context of the rules »