Bill Clinton

In Re O’Reilly, Part Four

Featured image Paul has written about the downfall of Bill O’Reilly in a series of three posts, the most alarming of which was Part Three. I want to add a cartoon coda. I don’t usually come down hard on hypocrisy. It strikes me as a relatively mild failing. But when it comes to liberals and Bill O’Reilly (or Donald Trump), the contradiction is so stunning that one can hardly help remarking on »

What’s next for Bill Clinton?

Featured image Geoffrey Norman of the Weekly Standard wonders what’s next for Bill Clinton. The answer, Norman suggests, is irrelevance. I think what’s next for Bill Clinton is plenty of what he seemed to be doing in the video below during President Trump’s inauguration. Plus some of what he probably was thinking about doing at that moment. Irrelevance need not be so bad. Hillary Clinton probably won’t be doing much of she »

Tough times at the Clinton Foundation? [UPDATED]

Featured image My friend Jim Scanlan informed me that Bill Clinton has promised to “personally triple” donations to the Clinton Foundation. Sure enough, here’s the pop-up on the Foundation’s website in which Clinton does so. If you follow the links that lead towards donating, you learn that Clinton will “triple” donations “up to [the Foundation’s] goal of $200,000.” According to this report, Clinton Foundation chairman Bruce Lindsey also announced in an email »

Freakout in Chappaqua

Featured image The other day, Bill Clinton held court at a bookstore in or near Chappaqua, New York, where he and Hillary live. According to a report in a local newspaper, Clinton told his fellow shoppers that he had “received” a phone call from president-elect Trump the day after the election. Clinton said that Trump had been cordial, “like it was 15 years ago” when the Clintons and Trumps were on friendly »

Clinton Foundation accepted $1 million without telling Clinton State Department

Featured image The Clinton Foundation has admitted that it accepted a $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was U.S. secretary of state without informing the State Department. Clinton had promised to let the Department review new or materially increased support from foreign governments. The Clinton Foundation claims that this did not violate Hillary’s promise because the $1 million gift did not “materially increase” Qatar’s support for the operation. Apparently, it »

The Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch meeting — even worse than we thought

Featured image It now appears that the FBI has been investigating the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation for more than a year. This casts the informal meeting last summer on an airplane between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in an even worse light than before. As one reader puts it: It would seem rather inappropriate [for Attorney General Lynch] to be meeting with someone without staff if the person is not just »

High-ranking DOJ official offered “heads up” to Podesta on Clinton emails

Featured image Last night, I wrote about the infamous Marc Rich pardon — the subject this week of an FBI document release. This morning, Scott wrote about the connection between the Rich pardon and Peter Kadzik, the assistant attorney general who wrote to Congress the other day about the current investigation into the newly discovered Huma Abedin emails. The connection is direct: Kadzik was a lobbyist who pushed for the Rich pardon. »

Marc Rich revisited

Featured image In his excellent Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents: From Wilson to Obama, Steve Hayward observes of Bill Clinton: “Clinton’s most flagrant abuse of his constitutional power was the pardon.” As Steve recounts, the pardon of Marc Rich represented abuse of authority, gross corruption and ruthless prevarication all in one tidy package. It signfies! With the return of the Marc Rich pardon to the news — courtesy (ahem) of the »

FBI releases documents regarding Clinton pardon of fugitive Dem donor

Featured image The FBI has published 129 pages of internal documents related to its investigation years ago into Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Democratic donor Marc Rich. According to the Washington Post, the records don’t appear to provide much new information about the matter (I haven’t yet reviewed them), but they serve as a reminder of the scandal. Naturally, Team Hillary is steamed. Clinton flack Brian Fallon tweeted that the FBI’s move »

The Clinton degradation

Featured image The prospect of a second Clinton presidency lies before us. I find it almost unbelievable. FBI Director Comey’s announcement of the investigation of newly discovered emails is a timely reminder of what a Clinton presidency holds in store for us simply in terms of lawlessness and scandal, not to mention the horribly destructive public policies she advocates. In her four-minutes press conference this past Friday evening, Clinton was asked what »

The Clinton cash nexus, RICO style

Featured image Yesterday I briefly noted “The Clinton cash nexus” with links to pieces touching on the recent “Bill Clinton Inc.” WikiLeaks revelations. Now comes Andrew McCarthy with a look at the Clinton cash nexus through the eyes of a former federal prosecutor (i.e., his own). Plot spoiler: Andy finds a criminal racketeering enterprise at the heart of the enterprise. Andy’s column — “Clinton’s State Department: A RICO enterprise” — presents the »

The Clinton cash nexus

Featured image Is there anyone in Clintonworld who is out defending the massive corruption revealed in the latest tranche of WikiLeaks/Podesta emails? Last night the Democratic flack Bill Burton appeared on The Kelly File to take up the question from a Clintonian perspective. I would love to include a video or transcript here but cannot find one. Writing from memory, Burton’s response was: RUSSIA, followed by Clinton’s going to win, followed by »

Wishful thinking from the Washington Post

Featured image The Washington Post is concerned that the Trump campaign will have long-term negative repercussions for the Republican Party’s standing among women. Okay, I made that up. In reality, the Washington Post hopes the Trump campaign has short and long-term negative repercussions for the Republican Party’s standing among women. That’s the only sense I can make out of this deeply biased article by Jenna Johnson and Karen Tumulty. It argues that »

Clinton corruption, two articles

Featured image No one who has been paying attention doubts that the Clinton Foundation is a corrupt enterprise or that Hillary Clinton is a party to the corruption. But two new articles, if read in tandem, drive home the point. The first article is from the Washington Post, no less. It’s called “Inside ‘Bill Clinton Inc.’: Hacked memo reveals intersection of charity and personal income.” The memo in question was written by »

Trump’s apology

Featured image The Trump Titanic hit an iceberg yesterday, or an iceberg was moved into its path. The captain of the ship issued an interesting apology on his Facebook page last night (video below, via USA Today). Here is the text: I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than »

Latest Hillary Emails Raise Questions About Corruption, China

Featured image Judicial Watch released another set of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails today; these are slowly being produced in response to one or more court orders. You can download some of them here. Two email threads are particularly interesting, both relating to China. This is the first thread, dated September 2010. Click to enlarge: Doug Band was a key adviser to Bill Clinton who represented the Clinton Foundation. Huma Abedin asked »

Bill Clinton on Obamacare: “It’s the craziest thing in the world”

Featured image Bill Clinton ripped Obamacare during a campaign rally for his wife in Michigan today. Calling Obamacare, “a crazy system” and “the craziest thing in the world,” the former president said “it doesn’t many any sense; the insurance model doesn’t work here.” Clinton went on to say that Obamacare “works fine” for people with “modest” incomes or who are eligible for government subsidies, but “the people that are getting killed in »