Joe Biden

Montana Dem Senator revealed as plagiarist

Featured image The New York Times is reporting that Montana Sen. John Walsh plagiarized “at least a quarter” of his 2007 master’s degree thesis for the U.S. Army War College. According to the Times, Walsh copied an entire page nearly word-for-word from a Harvard paper, and each of his six conclusions is copied from a document from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace without attribution. The Senator’s response? “I didn’t do anything »

Is there life after college?

Featured image Of course there is. But our leading politicians all seem to have stepped out of your college dorm. Bill Clinton is the guy who never lost a BS session argument. Ted Cruz is the only guy who never lost an argument to Bill Clinton, but who also set the dorm record for causing eyes to roll. Barack Obama is the guy you could usually defeat in an argument but only »

Three obvious reasons why Joe Biden shouldn’t run for president

Featured image Joe Biden has told CNN, “there may be reasons I don’t run, but there’s no obvious reason for me why I think I should not run.” Biden added: It doesn’t mean I’m the only guy that can do it, but if no one I think can, and I think I can, then I’d run. If I don’t, I won’t. Here are three obvious reasons why Biden shouldn’t run: (1) he’s »

Hillary Just Biden Her Time?

Featured image Is it is mere coincidence that we’re seeing a bunch of stories dribbling out about our drooling vice president, Joe Foot-In-Mouth Biden?  First, we hear from the new Helprin-Heilemann book, Double-Down, that Obama and his political team considered replacing Biden on the ticket in 2012, but of course this is all stoutly denied by most everyone. More curious is this story attacking Biden for going all wobbly on the Bin »

A message from “Joe Biden”

Featured image Bill Kristol posts the message from “Joe Biden” sent to millions of low-information Democrats and others on the Democratic Party’s email list: From: Joe Biden [email protected] Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 11:38:20 -0400 To: Subject: This is important There’s never been as much distance — at least since I’ve been alive — between where the mainstream of the Republican Party is and the Democratic Party is. It’s a chasm. It’s »

It’s Time to Tighten Up On Firearms Background Checks

Featured image Specifically, to make sure that Joe Biden never, ever gets his hands on a firearm. Biden loves shotguns–nothing wrong with that, but it appears that every time he fires one, somebody’s life is in danger. Here is the latest: I did one of these town-hall meetings on the Internet and one guy said, “Well, what happens when the end days come? What happens when there’s the earthquake? I live in »

Al Qaeda — resurgent in Iraq and emergent in Syria, thanks in no small part to President Obama

Featured image The Washington Post reports on the reemergence of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). According to Bruce Reidel, a former CIA counterterrorism expert now with the Brookings Institution, “what we’re now seeing is al Qaeda in Iraq’s revival, not only as a movement in that country but as a regional movement.” Reidel notes that from its base in the Sunni provinces west of Baghdad, AQI is building networks in Syria and »

Biden Does It Again: President Who?

Featured image Joe Biden does it again.  I’ll bet he just wishes Bill Clinton was still president, or perhaps he really did mean it Friday when he said there wasn’t a moment he was proud to be Obama’s vice president (video just 14 totally Biden-licious seconds long): »

Halloween Leftovers

Featured image But is there really anything scarier than Obama or Biden without a teleprompter?  Probably not, but here’s some worthy candidates. »

Biden, 2016!

Featured image Just when you think Biden can’t be any more idiotic . . . oh well, let’s just go to the tape (just 16 seconds long, but it’s plenty long enough for Slow Joe): “There’s never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud to be his vice president.”  Yeah Joe, we know the feeling. Meanwhile, let’s not forget the ongoing media malpractice of the closing weeks of »

Debate indiscipline, an inherent problem for Democrats

Featured image If there’s a common takeaway from the four debates of this presidential cycle, it’s the indiscipline of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The problem manifested itself in different ways in different debates. In the first debate, Obama apparently lacked the discipline to treat the event with the seriousness it required. He seemed comparatively unprepared, unwilling to treat Romney as a serious opponent until it was too late, and unable even »

“What’s He Doing Back There?”

Featured image Vice President Joe Biden is the most weirdly inappropriate figure in modern political history. We can’t even imagine what a figure of fun he would be if he were a Republican. Fresh off his disastrous “debate” with Paul Ryan, about which hardly anyone remembers anything except that Biden made a fool of himself, he appeared onstage with Florida Senator Bill Nelson. A woman was warming up the crowd, talking about »

Sequester Joe Biden

Featured image Here is a suggestion for Team Obama — sequester Joe Biden so he can prepare for a debate. I know there won’t be another vice presidential debate, but take him to an undisclosed location to prepare for one anyway. Otherwise, you’re condemned to more embarrassing moments like this one: »

Joe Biden Democrats square off

Featured image During today’s episode of the Hinderaker-Ward experience, Brian Ward made a great point about Joe Biden’s debate performance. Biden, said Brian, was behaving like a Democrat. Not all Democrats, of course, but certainly a great many of those one encounters on the internet. Like Biden, they are rude, eager to prevent the other side from talking, and prone to attack arguments they don’t like with bad behavior rather than reasoning. »

Biden vs. Biden

Featured image Justin Folk, winner of the Power Line Prize (and the less prestigious Doritos Super Bowl ad competition), made this very funny video, in which Joe Biden’s grimaces, chuckles and raised eyebrows find a more appropriate object–himself: »

The Weekly Winston: Joe Biden Edition

Featured image From remarks on the floor of the House of Commons, April 28, 1926: I always try to economize the use of false arguments as much as possible, because a false argument is so often detected, and it always repels any listener who is not already a convinced and enthusiastic partisan. Maybe a better parallel for our Biden would be one of WSC’s descriptions of Stafford Cripps, a far left-leaning Labourite: »

What?! No Biden Tattoo?

Featured image Just what the world needs for a Friday afternoon.  Worst. Tattoos. Ever. »