The Shame of America’s Public High Schools

Featured image I wrote here, here, here (a video of a speech by me), here and here about the sad decline of the Edina, Minnesota public schools into hard-core leftism. Edina’s school district was once among the nation’s most respected, but its administrators have been content to see the district slide down to second or third tier status, because their sole priority is “racial equity,” which is code for a long list »

The far left’s war on Sean Hannity

Featured image Sean Hannity is under fire from left-wing smear artists like Media Matters. They are trying to force Hannity off the air by pressuring advertisers to boycott his show. Peter Hasson has the details. The current smear campaign claims, in the context of the controversy over Roy Moore, that Hannity defends child sex abuse. In reality, as Hasson notes, Hannity has explicitly (and repeatedly) said that anyone guilty of what Moore »

Rand Paul’s neighbors dismiss “property dispute” reports

Featured image In the aftermath of the assault by Rene Boucher ( “the leftist next door”) on Sen. Rand Paul, Boucher’s lawyer claimed that politics played no part in the attack. I put no stock in public statements by attorneys defending their clients. However, there were also reports about landscaping dispute, and suggestions that Sen. Paul is not a good neighbor. Even if these reports were true, it wouldn’t mean that Boucher’s »

Is the National Anthem Racist?

Featured image There are several possible answers to this question: 1) Of course, because everything is racist. 2) It’s anyone’s guess. The word “racist” has no meaning. 3) Don’t be stupid. “Yes” isn’t really on the list. Yet the California chapter of the NAACP is trying to get rid of the National Anthem: The California NAACP is pushing to get rid of the national anthem that they’re calling racist and anti-black. “This »

Donna Brazile switches trains

Featured image Donna Brazile rode the Clinton express for decades, parlaying the ride into fame and possibly fortune. Now that the one-time express is a stalled local, Brazile has hopped off, and will make a pretty penny for her expose of that train. As Steve suggests, Brazile isn’t just hopping off the Clinton train and trying to sell her book. She also wants fellow passengers to disembark with her. It suits this »

The leftist next door

Featured image As more information becomes available, we learn that Rene Boucher, the man who assaulted and seriously injured Rand Paul, is (as John suggested) a rabidly anti-Trump leftist. According to this report from PJ Media, Boucher’s activity on social media consists to a considerable degree of reposting anti-Trump memes and stories and sharing posts from Bernie Sanders. However, Boucher wasn’t solely a copycat. He did offer this original thought: May Robert »

Liberal lechery, it’s everywhere

Featured image The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is in the vanguard of the “progressive” movement in America. As night follows day, or so it seems these days, the SEIU is also in the vanguard of sexually harassing its female employees. From Fox News, we learn: Another two union bigwigs from the nation’s second largest union, the Services Employees International Union (SEIU) have been accused of sexual misconduct and abusive behavior toward »

Is It OK To Be White? [Updated]

Featured image A group of students at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, did something so outrageous, so transgressive, that it has roiled the campus and led to newspaper headlines: they posted signs on campus that say, “It’s OK to be white.” You might think that in a campus environment where a thousand genders are blooming, you could finish a sentence beginning “It’s OK to be…” in just about any possible manner. But »

A Big Day For the Crazy Left

Featured image In Bowling Green, Kentucky, a neighbor of Senator Rand Paul assaulted him outside Paul’s home: Rene Boucher, 59, of Bowling Green, was charged with one count of fourth-degree assault in the incident, which occurred at about 3:20 p.m. local time Friday, Kentucky State Police said. Paul’s injuries are being described as “minor,” but they don’t sound so minor to me: The arrest warrant in the case indicates that Paul told »

Campus shout-down rate nearly quadruples

Featured image Stanley Kurtz reports that as we approach the halfway mark of the Fall 2017 semester, the rate of shout-downs on college campuses is nearly quadruple that of last spring. There have been nearly twice as many shout-downs as last semester in only half the time That’s a striking figure, given that shout-downs were far from rare during the Spring semester. Kurtz chronicled ten such events. They included rioting at Berkeley »

Latest on the Liberal Lech List

Featured image It’s fun to sit back with a 55-gallon barrel of popcorn and watch so many grandees of the left drown in the wake of Hurricane Harvey Weinstein. Mark Halperin is clearly burned toast and won’t be back until he can get absolution from Ellen and The View, but that’s going to take months of therapy and NRA-bashing. Leon Wieseltier of New Republic fame is getting his literary perp walk, and »

The ABA’s attack on Steve Grasz — behind the curtain

Featured image I wrote here about the ABA’s unfair attack on Steve Grasz, President Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. The ABA rated Grasz “not qualified” based on what amounts to character assassination. Republicans on the Judiciary Committee were not amused. Chairman Grassley stated: This rating is very surprising to me and to many other Senators on the Committee. When I look at Mr. Grasz’s resume, »

The ABA’s unfair attack on judicial nominee Steve Grasz

Featured image President Trump, Majority Leader McConnell, and Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley are combining to great effect to confirm nominees to U.S. Courts of Appeals. However, one nominee, Steve Grasz of Nebraska, has hit a stumbling block. The American Bar Association’s judicial evaluations committee rated him “Not Qualified” for a position on the Eighth Circuit. When I first read this, I was surprised and amused. I was surprised because the ABA rarely »

“Latino victory Fund” caught with its pants down

Featured image A group called the Latino Victory Fund produced an attack on Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia. The video (see below) featured a pickup truck with a Confederate flag and an Ed Gillespie bumper sticker attempting to run down minority children. NRO’s Alexandra DeSanctis reports that the Latino Victory Fund pulled the ad yesterday, after a minority immigrant in a truck ran over people in downtown Manhattan. »

Explaining the Liberal Cesspool

Featured image Why is it, Glenn Reynolds likes to ask, that liberal-run cities and institutions all seem to be hotbeds of sexism and racism? To adapt this slightly, maybe there’s a reason the left is so obsessed with sexual harassment and racism, because it is practiced so much in their communities and institutions. These thoughts come to mind in looking over the peculiar Cosmopolitan magazine (yes, Power Line’s research staff reads Cosmo »

Feel Good Story of the Day

Featured image It’s really hard to settle in on a feel good story of the day. Because today offers two splendid candidates. You know how people sometimes talk about liberals “howling at the moon”?  Guess what—check this out from Newsweek, a former news magazine: THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS WILL SCREAM HELPLESSLY AT THE SKY ON TRUMP’S ELECTION ANNIVERSARY Thousands of concerned citizens will take part in a new ritual of sorts: commemorating the anniversary of »

How to Beat the Left

Featured image As regular readers know, my day job is now running Center of the American Experiment, Minnesota’s conservative think and action tank. These days, we are fighting the far-left public school establishment, particularly in Edina, Minnesota. Edina was once one of the country’s top school districts, but that was before the Left took over and prioritized politics–especially racial politics–over education. The Center’s Kathy Kersten authored a sensational exposé of Edina’s bullying »