Dan Rather and Cenk Uygur, a perfect match [UPDATED]

Featured image This story is delicious. Dan Rather is making comeback on the Young Turks Network. The 86 year-old will have a 30 minute show that focuses on matters he believes are receiving insufficient attention. He will also attempt to analyze “the hot topics of the day.” Rather’s new job is the result of a meeting with Cenk Uygur, the leader of the Young Turks. “Something clicked” between the two, Rather says. »

Chai Feldblum removes picture of President Trump

Featured image It’s standard practice for U.S. government officials to have a picture of the president and the vice president on their office walls. The protocol is that the president and the vice president are displayed side by side in the center of the wall, with the president on the left and the vice president on the right. The government supplies the pictures and helpfully slots them into a frame permanently placed »

The Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police

Featured image That’s what Steve Sailer calls them, only they aren’t volunteers anymore. They are asking to be paid. Who are they? Members of Politically Approved Minority Groups who offer to read novels in manuscript to identify any non-conforming elements. Sailer starts with an article in Slate: Is My Novel Offensive? How “sensitivity readers” are changing the publishing ecosystem—and raising new questions about what makes a great book. These advising angels—part fact-checkers, »

Behind the Left’s Tax Cut Freakout

Featured image Pity the poor liberal Democrats. Once upon a time leading Democrats understood the need for tax reform. It’s not necessary to go back to John F. Kennedy or even the bipartisan tax reform of 1986 to see this. If you paid close attention to Hillary Clinton ten years ago when she was still in the Senate, she noted publicly that our corporate income tax system needed reform, and even Obama »

Disruptive politics in the Trump era [UPDATED]

Featured image John Fonte, writing in American Greatness, sees the crucial question for the American Right as this: What is the nature of its confrontation with modern liberalism? Is it, “a coherent debate between left and right forms of liberalism” to use the words of Yuval Levin? Or is it, a much deeper struggle over the very nature of the American “regime” itself — its principles, values, institutions, mores, culture, education, citizenship, »

Tax Reform Angst on the Left

Featured image The final tax cut bill has emerged from conference committee. Let’s see what the reaction is, first from the Philadelphia Inquirer and then The New Yorker: Judging from these headlines, the tax bill must be fantastic! Though I’ll want to wait to hear from Paul Krugman just to be sure. Thanks, liberals, for saving me so much time. What was that John was saying about liberal hysteria? »

Garrison Keillor’s “erasure” — an update

Featured image Michael Barone takes up the case of Minnesota Public Radio’s erasure of Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” and “The Writer’s Almanac” broadcasts from its website. Barone shares my unhappiness, and that of Rod Dreher, that Keillor’s work has been flushed down the memory hole because of the author’s sins. Barone notes that Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was a criminal, quite possibly a murderer, yet he created great art. Indeed, »

Garrison Keillor flushed down the memory hole

Featured image After Kevin Spacey was excised from the upcoming movie All the Money in the World (his scenes to be reshot with Christoper Plummer), I modestly proposed that Hollywood remove and reshoot Spacey’s scenes in Beyond the Sea and The Usual Suspects, and destroy all copies of American Beauty — that hackneyed attempt at a takedown of suburban America. This expungement, I said in jest, was the required remedy for Spacey’s »

AP History repeats itself

Featured image Last year, I wrote about the College Board’s plan to mandate a left-wing framework for the teaching of AP European History, a college-level course for American high school students and the last course in European history that many of them take. I relied on a devastating critique of the AP European History exam (APEH) issued by the National Association of Scholars (NAS) and written by David Randall. Dr. Randall’s key »

Even on Thanksgiving, for the left it’s all about holding power

Featured image Our Thanksgiving dinners are diverse in this sense: the entire spectrum of political opinion is present. We don’t discuss politics, though. That would be a recipe for disaster. However, politics is never far below the surface. This year, the discussion turned to the Civil War. When one guest, a West Point grad and retired Army officer, wondered whether the South could have won it, a liberal feminist guest said, quite »

Darkness lives at the Washington Post

Featured image Janell Ross covers “race” for the Washington Post. Judging by this article, she does so stupidly and less than honestly. Ross is also a left-wing activist. This would not distinguish her from many of her Post colleagues except for the fact that she recently sat on a panel at a secret meeting of Democrats during which she offered strategic advice. So reports Brent Scher of the Washington Free Beacon. Scher »

D.C. anti-Trump rioters hide behind bogus free speech claims

Featured image The Washington Post reports on the trial of six defendants who are charged with what the Post calls the “fiery, glass-shattering civil disturbance on President Trump’s Inauguration Day.” (“Fiery” as in setting fires). The trial began today. The Post story was written after jury selection but before the opening statements and the presentation of evidence. The defendants face felony charges of inciting a riot and destruction of property. Each offense »

The Shame of America’s Public High Schools

Featured image I wrote here, here, here (a video of a speech by me), here and here about the sad decline of the Edina, Minnesota public schools into hard-core leftism. Edina’s school district was once among the nation’s most respected, but its administrators have been content to see the district slide down to second or third tier status, because their sole priority is “racial equity,” which is code for a long list »

The far left’s war on Sean Hannity

Featured image Sean Hannity is under fire from left-wing smear artists like Media Matters. They are trying to force Hannity off the air by pressuring advertisers to boycott his show. Peter Hasson has the details. The current smear campaign claims, in the context of the controversy over Roy Moore, that Hannity defends child sex abuse. In reality, as Hasson notes, Hannity has explicitly (and repeatedly) said that anyone guilty of what Moore »

Rand Paul’s neighbors dismiss “property dispute” reports

Featured image In the aftermath of the assault by Rene Boucher ( “the leftist next door”) on Sen. Rand Paul, Boucher’s lawyer claimed that politics played no part in the attack. I put no stock in public statements by attorneys defending their clients. However, there were also reports about landscaping dispute, and suggestions that Sen. Paul is not a good neighbor. Even if these reports were true, it wouldn’t mean that Boucher’s »

Is the National Anthem Racist?

Featured image There are several possible answers to this question: 1) Of course, because everything is racist. 2) It’s anyone’s guess. The word “racist” has no meaning. 3) Don’t be stupid. “Yes” isn’t really on the list. Yet the California chapter of the NAACP is trying to get rid of the National Anthem: The California NAACP is pushing to get rid of the national anthem that they’re calling racist and anti-black. “This »

Donna Brazile switches trains

Featured image Donna Brazile rode the Clinton express for decades, parlaying the ride into fame and possibly fortune. Now that the one-time express is a stalled local, Brazile has hopped off, and will make a pretty penny for her expose of that train. As Steve suggests, Brazile isn’t just hopping off the Clinton train and trying to sell her book. She also wants fellow passengers to disembark with her. It suits this »