Media Bias

Trump Bestrides the Liberals’ World Like a Colossus

Featured image As we and others have documented countless times, the liberal world has gone bonkers over Donald Trump. It is an odd thing: Trump isn’t even a conservative, or wasn’t until recently. Yet liberals have gone nuts over his ascendancy in a way that is unprecedented. They make fools of themselves hour by hour, and, weirdly, don’t seem to notice. The current issue of Vanity Fair, a celebrity-oriented Democratic Party magazine, »

Sessions Sailed Through, But Does It Matter?

Featured image As Paul reported earlier, Jeff Sessions waltzed through his confirmation hearing today. The Democrats’ questioning was desultory, and none of the Democratic Senators laid a glove on the nominee. Only the inept Al Franken even tried. As Byron York put it, the anticipated “showdown fizzle[d].” But perhaps the Democrats had the last laugh. All they had to do was send their talking points to the television networks, and they got »

Emperor’s New Clothes Moment on Meet The Press

Featured image CNBC’s Rick Santelli committed the unpardonable sin on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning. He called out Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell for their pro-Hillary bias in the most direct and embarrassing way possible. Mitchell and host Chuck Todd didn’t like it one bit to get called out by one of their own, so they stamped their feet, insisted that the media emperor is too wearing a fine suit of »

Trump Is Right: Intelligence Agencies Leak Like a Sieve

Featured image Someone in the U.S. intelligence community–if it has been reported exactly who, I haven’t seen it–has prepared a 50-page report on, among other things, alleged Russian efforts to “meddle” with the 2016 presidential election. That report was delivered to President Obama today, and will go to Donald Trump tomorrow. Naturally, it took only a matter of hours for the Washington Post to be briefed on the report’s contents. One point, »

The BBC Follows Up On Hate Crime In Chicago

Featured image I wrote last night about the horrific crime in Chicago, where four young African-Americans kidnapped a mentally challenged white youth and tortured him for somewhere between 24 and 48 hours, while unaccountably documenting a portion of their vicious assault on Facebook Live. On the video the perpetrators can be heard shouting “F*** white people!” and “F*** Trump!.” I pointed out that the Associated Press’s account of the crime completely failed »

Dan Rather Teaches Truth!

Featured image Given the Left’s current obsession with “fake news,” it is entertaining to see that Dan Rather, perpetrator of the most notorious “fake news” episode in American history, is now charging students to teach them about truthful reporting: Raising eyebrows among some critics, former CBS anchor Dan Rather is now teaching an online course focused on ethics in journalism. Called “Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News” and offered through »

Watch the New Yorker Crash and Burn

Featured image The oh-so-clever New Yorker has a cartoon in its current issue that is getting a lot of much deserved mockery: If airline pilots had as many catastrophic crashes, not to mention clueless navigation, as our political class, then this cartoon would actually make perfect sense. It’s almost as if the New Yorker was ironically intending to validate the infamous Flight 93 election article. But to a superficial liberal, I’m sure »

Media Mumbles

Featured image So when did the Washington Post hire Emily Litella as an editor? Having reported a couple days back that those evil Rooskies, who were never much of a threat during the Cold War remember, had hacked the power grid in Vermont!, the Post now says—never mind! Russian government hackers do not appear to have targeted Vermont utility, say people close to investigation By Ellen Nakashima and Juliet Eilperin As federal »

Misreporting on Trump and the United Nations

Featured image The Associated Press reports on incoming U.N. head Antonio Guterres, and takes the opportunity to editorialize on Donald Trump. As is so often true these days, some of what the AP reports as fact is flat-out wrong: Antonio Guterres takes the reins of the United Nations on New Year’s Day, promising to be a “bridge-builder” but facing an antagonistic incoming U.S. administration led by Donald Trump who thinks the world »

Washington Post Blows Story on Vermont Utility, Russia

Featured image The Washington Post trumpeted a story that initially was headlined “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont.” The story was obviously intended to contribute to the “election hacking” hysteria that the Democrats have ginned up, arising from the intrusion by persons unknown into Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s email account. But the Post blew the story: it turned out that malware was found on a laptop owned by Burlington »

MSNBC’s Fab Year in Review

Featured image A lot of folks are saying that 2016 was something like the worst years ever, because Trump. Or something. Anyway, the good folks at the Washington Free Beacon have put together this delicious highlight reel of MSNBC’s greatest hits from the year. (Just three minutes long.) »

Trump Press Conference Prompts Hysterical Reaction

Featured image Yesterday Donald Trump gave a very brief press conference at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, and spoke again with the press later in the day. If the reaction by reporters and editors is any indication, we are in for a long four years. Trump said that Sprint announced it will move to the U.S., or create in the U.S., 5,000 new jobs. He noted that OneWeb would bring another 3,000 jobs to »

Supreme Court Freakout at the New York Times

Featured image The New York Times was once known as The Grey Lady. Today, a more apt moniker would be The Hysterical Bag Lady. The Times editorial board is home to the most immoderate, shrieking Leftism you will find this side of the Nation. On Christmas Eve, the Times editorialized on The Stolen Supreme Court Seat. It is a classic of the post-Trump-election freakout genre: Soon after his inauguration next month, President-elect »

At the AP, Opinion Masquerades As Reporting

Featured image Yesterday the Associated Press published an article by its Jerusalem bureau chief, Josef Federman, on Benjamin Netanyahu’s reaction to President Obama’s betrayal of Israel in the U.N. The article is an opinion piece–a virulent one, in fact. It is suitable for publication in, say, the New York Times, as an anti-Israel op-ed. The piece is headlined Israel: humbled Netanyahu places hopes in Trump. It begins: The Israeli government’s furious reaction »

Anti-Trump Hoax Prompts Bewilderment

Featured image Steve wrote here about a church arson in Mississippi, where someone set a church on fire and spray-painted the words “Vote Trump” on a wall, a week before the presidential election. Unsurprisingly, a member of the church who had nothing to do with Donald Trump has been arrested and charged with arson. It’s just another fake hate crime; as Steve wrote, “95 percent of reported hate crimes are hoaxes, especially »

Who Is Responsible for “Normalizing Tyrants”?

Featured image A couple weeks back over at The Conversation, Prof. John Broich of Case Western Reserve University spun out a piece about how the American media “normalized” Hitler and Mussolini back in the day. Although the article doesn’t mention Trump, the implication of the piece is clear. Broich is not wrong to point out how much of the American media simply didn’t recognize Hitler for what he was: When Hitler’s party »

Freakout On the Left

Featured image The Democratic Party has been making a fool of itself ever since Election Day. (Before that too, probably, but that’s a different post.) An utter lack of self-awareness apparently disables Democrats from understanding that 1) they lost the presidential election because they nominated the worst candidate of modern times, 2) they have been losing ground across the large majority of America for a decade or longer, and now are at »