The Peacock Is a Turkey

At TalkLeft, Jeralyn Merritt analyzes the persistence of the mis-edited “he looks black” audio at NBC, and finds that the rot runs deeper than has previously been reported:

So the blatant, racially charged distortion of George Zimmerman’s 911 call started on NBC 6 Miami on March 19, appearing in two articles by three different writers. It was repeated on March 20 in an article attributed to one of the three writers. The articles have been updated, but the quotes remain. The mis-quote aired on the Today Show on March 22 during a live segment with reporter Lilia Luciano, and again on March 27 with reporter Ron Allen.

For NBC and MSNBC to characterize the error as a single episode caused by a producer’s time constraints in getting a video clip ready for live morning television, which just unfortunately happened to be missed by layers of editorial control, is not very convincing.

Michael Ramirez expresses his skepticism about NBC’s “innocent mistake” graphically:

It doesn’t help NBC that it has a reputation for slanted news coverage, and its association with faux news network MSNBC erodes its credibility on a daily basis.


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