A fitting legacy for John McCain

The Washington Post (per Jason Horowitz) makes John McCain an offer he’s unlikely to refuse and, in fact, has already accepted:

McCain’s most probable avenue back to the land of mavericks and media adulation runs through immigration reform. The Republican base may hate him for it, but the country and a GOP whose unpopularity with Hispanic voters has prompted an existential crisis may end up owing him, as they say in Senate parlance, a debt of gratitude.

That’s a shameless piece of advocacy journalism even taking into account that it appears in the Style section of the Post, the left-most precinct of a left-wing newspaper.

But a path to citizenship for ten million or so illegal aliens would, indeed, be a fitting legacy for John McCain. For it eventually would mean the demise of American conservatism as we know it and, quite possibly, a split of the Republican Party.


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