Bob Reich, Down and Dirty on Iran

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, has become a darling of the far left.’s emails sometimes feature his laughably old-school-left videos. But he is still viewed as an important and mainstream supporter of the Obama administration. Yesterday, Reich went on Facebook to join in the administration’s campaign of vilification against those who oppose its deal with Iran’s mullahs. He started on a conciliatory note:

Although there are important arguments on both sides of the debate over America’s pending deal with Iran…

But that was it for conciliation. Nor was there any hint as to what those important arguments against the agreement might be. Instead, Reich went straight into attack-dog mode:

…the Nentanyahu-AIPAC-Adelson-Republican axis that’s polarizing the debate poses a serious danger to America, Israel, and American Jews — a danger transcending the Iran accord.

Axis? Seriously, Bob? Reich isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, but I’m pretty sure he remembers what the Axis was, and his left-wing commenters certainly got the point.

Not only is Benjamin Nentanyahu interfering in American politics as no foreign leader has ever done before…

Well, it could have been worse. Netanyahu could have sent a political team over to the U.S. to work with Republicans to try to defeat Obama in his 2012 re-election campaign. That’s how Obama interfered in Israel’s latest election, trying to defeat Netanyahu. But that’s different, apparently.

And although many Republicans welcome any opportunity to attack our President and to split American Jews, the Republicans’ cynical embrace of Nentanyahu and AIPAC is turning Middle East policy into another political free-fire zone in which reasonable discussion is all but impossible.

I assume the humor is unintended. Reich began by telling us there are important arguments on both sides of the Iran debate, but evidently the Republicans are unaware of them, since they are just trying to attack our president and “split American Jews.” Whereas in the natural order of things, Jews would all be Democrats. And the Republicans’ “embrace of Netanyahu” is “cynical”–but why? What is cynical about agreeing on those important arguments against the Iran deal?

Reich says it is Netanyahu and the Republicans who are “turning Middle East policy into another political free-fire zone in which reasonable discussion is all but impossible.” Really? How did they do that? Haven’t both the Republicans and Netanyahu carefully and rationally argued their objections to Obama’s agreement? And does Reich think he is engaging in “reasonable discussion” in his Facebook post? Was President Obama engaging in reasonable discussion when he accused Republicans and Iranian hard-liners of “making common cause”? Who, exactly, is creating a “political free-fire zone”?

Liberals, at this point, have nothing to offer but hate. If you doubt that, check out the several thousand comments on Reich’s Facebook post, nearly all of them by crazed lefties, with the word “treason” figuring prominently and anti-Semitism hanging heavily in the air.

The Democratic Party has come to a sad pass. The Iran agreement, and the manner in which Democrats defend it, are symptoms of a larger intellectual bankruptcy, or worse.


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