Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll meditates on Our Lady of the Trigger in GOOD HEAVENS! She writes:

Let me make several points about the recent incident with the deranged woman-like substance having a meltdown at UMass Amherst.

First. Gentlemen: There is really no better way to wound a woman to her very core than to attack her looks. When I was a Freshman at Northwestern University, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I used to have to pass the English building where the Sigma Chi frat boys – possibly after Remedial English classes — gathered to assess and rate aloud all passing women. Your Ammo Grrrll generally got somewhere between a “3” and “6.” In other words, about average, sometimes a little below. It always hurt my feelings even though “average” was probably a pretty accurate score.

Happily, the very next year, I met Mr. AG, who thought I was a “10” in every way that mattered. As a bonus, he was much better looking than any of the classless young men gathered there. He is beautiful to this day. Neener, neener.

Besides cutting me to the quick, it made me wonder: what would possibly motivate these young men to do this? I had done nothing to them; I did not know them. Why would they make a point of hurting a scared little 17-year-old country girl’s feelings? (Now I would just shoot them. Haha. I kid. Lightly graze at worst.)

Second. So I applaud the point a man among the hundreds of commenters made about being reluctant to attack a woman on the basis of her looks. Good for you. I also sympathize with the woman commenter who said she had been obese at one time and had suffered from hurtful comments. Yet even these commenters said, “BUT…” The UMass woman’s outrageous behavior had put her outside the protective sympathies of even potential allies.

Third. We see something like that spectacle and we are compelled to offer excuses, invent reasons, even feel what I believe to be misplaced compassion. Because Conservatives in general are compassionate people. Surely her life has to have been hell. Surely she has been bullied and mocked, we think. But how do we know that, seriously? What if she is just spoiled and indulged? What if she is every bit as mean and nasty as she appears to be? And what part of all that assumed misery stemmed from her deliberately-uglified looks and what part from her completely-voluntary obnoxious behavior? Would you want to know this person, even for a minute?

Because the bottom line for me is that I see a very large, very out-of-control, very dangerous fascist. She does not elicit my sympathy. She scares me to death.

I was once a seriously-mistaken leftist. I protested at many events. Never once, in all my misguided righteousness, did I ever prevent anyone else from gathering or speaking. Heck, as a professional speaker – “in the arena,” as Teddy Roosevelt put it – I have never even booed at a sporting event!

What were the options for TrigglyPuff, or Stay-Puf, or whatever she is calling herself? She sees a speaking event with three speakers she has been told to hate. Why not stay the heck home? Study, maybe. Read the Constitution. Failing that, she could attend and take notes the better to defend her own position. At the very worst, she might consider sitting in the back and quietly waddling out in protest. If she started during the introduction, she might be gone by the Q & A portion.

Screaming like a banshee “Free speech! Free Speech” and “F U” should have gotten her immediately expelled — assuming the college had a winch — first from the event, and next from the college. This relentless assault on free speech must end if we are to survive as a Republic. Ya basta! Enough! No more “hecklers’ vetoes.” Does anyone notice that the so-called “right wing” NEVER does this in this country? It is always only the “tolerant” left.

It looked like TrigglyPuff might either have a stroke – and pity the platoon of EMTs who would have to drag her out on a concrete gurney – or lie down on the floor and start kicking her legs like a two-year-old in Target who’s been denied a toy. And so, I end the way I began. Good Heavens!