Pale Green, The Sequel

Further to my item yesterday on how the climatistas are ignoring the success Ontario has had in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through nuclear power, it is worth mentioning that the same story can be told about Sweden (which is perhaps why we don’t hear about Sweden rather than Germany’s fake energiewende.)

Writing in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, physicist Raymond Pierrehumbert of Oxford notes the story of Sweden with this terrific chart:


Pierrehumbert notes that Sweden has done a lot of typical greenie things, such as a carbon tax, and lots of fancy green engineering to public buildings, etc, but adds this:

Nuclear power also provides low-carbon electricity, and Sweden’s nine nuclear power plants produce 40 percent of the electricity used or exported. Nuclear power is not loved by the Green Party in Sweden, but nonetheless the 1980 decision to phase out nuclear power was repealed in 2010, in recognition of the fact that low-carbon replacements would not be available in time. . .

Sweden’s cautious approach to nuclear power stands in contrast to Germany’s foolish decision to abruptly shutter their nuclear power plants, which has resulted in a significant setback to their progress on decarbonization. . .

No wonder we don’t hear much about Sweden as a model for energy: they’re not doing it right! Humbert also adds that it is capitalism, not socialism, that will solve the climate problem (if indeed we have one at all, but still, coming from someone with such a French-sounding name. . .) If he keeps this up, he can expect to be called some kind of denier—maybe a Berniedenier?


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