Ray Buckley is with you

We have followed the various left-wing movers and shakers who have joined Power Line readers pulling mischievously for Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison to emerge victorious in his bid to chair the Democratic National Committee, most recently earlier this week in “Dems in 5 states are with you.” Only yesterday I noted that Xenocrypt is not with you, but Xenocrypt is not a left-wing mover and shaker. All he has is his good name and his analytical ability.

I think I should note at this point that I am not among those pulling for Ellison, even though he has promised to resign his Minnesota Fifth District congressional seat if he wins his DNC bid. That makes me ambivalent, but Minnesota’s gain would be more than offset by the disgrace it would represent to one of our two major political parties. Ellison is a rank hustler with a fraught past that has called forth voluminous lies and deceptions on his part.

Perhaps the Dems deserve him. New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Raymond Buckley dropped out of the race this morning and endorsed Ellison in a move that can’t hurt him in the contest to lead the party. So says Politico’s Gabriel Debenedetti in “Buckley shakes up DNC race with Ellison endorsement.”


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