Filibustering out

It’s almost funny to hear Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer seek to convert the Democrats’ filibuster of a vote on Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court into a matter of high principle. Almost. Even if it’s not funny, however, he should be laughed off the stage.

The filibuster is a fertile source of partisan hypocrisy. It’s time to finish it off, at least with respect to the Supreme Court. I cite the example of the Star Tribune in the 2005 Weekly Standard column “They were against it, before they were for it.”

The hypocrisy of Schumer and friends grates. It is gross. David Rutz documents it in the video below as well as in the text of accompanying Washington Free Beacon column posted under the heading “Take two-and-a-half minutes to see how hypocritical Democrats are on filibustering Supreme Court nominees.”