Liberal Fantasyland

Yes, we all know that liberals live in a fantasyland beyond the wildest imagination of Walt Disney on LSD, but today the Washington Post confirms it with a comic speculation on the subject “What If Hillary Had Won?” Actually, the whole thing is intended to be humorous, but it falls rather flat:

On Inauguration Day, President Hillary Rodham Clinton took the oath in a headband and a pantsuit. Hey, it was rainy, and what does she care what you think anymore? That night, Lin-Manuel Miranda brought the house down with a freestyle rap at her first inaugural ball, while new White House co-chief strategists/toasts of the town Robby Mook and Donna Brazile set Twitter afire with their exuberant choreographed dance. . .

On Nov. 8, an emboldened House of Representatives began proceedings to impeach Clinton. Articles 1 through 3 are related to Benghazi, her emails and uranium. The fourth article of impeachment begins “she seems a little shrill,” and ends with copy-and-pasted text from the Wikipedia entry for “Parkinson’s disease.”

Among the general public, the most fervent supporters of Clinton’s removal are not Republicans but a band of far-left activists who wait in line to attend the public hearings wearing T-shirts that say “Bernie Woulda Won, Too.”

It actually took four Post reporters to write this thumb-sucker. And yet newsrooms say cutbacks are impeding their ability to cover the news.


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