Amy Wax speaks (YouTube edition)

We’ve written several times about Amy Wax, the distinguished professor at University of Pennsylvania Law School who has spoken truth to political correctness in the face of threats to her livelihood and attacks on her character. Penn law dean Ted Ruger has now succumbed to demands that Professor Wax be barred from teaching the required first year course on civil procedure.

This past Thursday the National Association of Scholars honored Professor Wax with its Peter Shaw Memorial Award for academic courage at the office of First Things in Manhattan. The NAS has posted video of the event along with much else here. Through the courtesies of NAS director of communications Keli Carender we obtained an embeddable copy of the video that I posted over the weekend. NAS has now uploaded the video to YouTube. For those who may have missed it or found the original NAS video format uncongenial, I’m posting it below via YouTube and cued to skip the introductions. Here we go straight to Professor Wax’s remarks.

Professor Wax’s ordeal is almost unbelievable. In her speech she chronicles in telling detail the disgraceful conduct to which she has been subject at Penn — all for uttering a few home truths and for speaking to her experience with the effects of affirmative action at the law school. Despite the technical imperfections of the video, it is rewarding and highly recommended (by me).


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