Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll has a few thoughts about SMARMY DANIELS and More. She writes:

I am probably almost alone in the fact that I have never watched Smarmy Daniels and the lawyer who looks like a sleazebag someone ordered from Central Casting: “Hymie, get me a guy who looks like a shyster!” I do not watch CNN – ever, because I also do not fly – so I have only seen Smarmy and her mouthpiece in a few brief glimpses on the Internet and have never even heard her voice. I am not interested in the story; I am not obsessed with other people’s love lives, because I have one of my own.

I also do not care if President Trump – then just regular old Donald Trump – either had sex with Smarmy, or paid her alleged “hush money.” It could not have been hush money because she hasn’t hushed. You know what I have even less respect for than a blabbermouth extortionist porn star? A blabbermouth extortionist porn star WHO WON’T STAY BOUGHT!

Man, if someone gave me $130,000 to keep quiet — about sex or pretty much anything — my lips would be sealed. Go ahead, try me! In business, in my personal life, my WORD is my bond, never mind a legal contract! I guess that is old-fashioned if there’s more money to be made from blabbing. I read that she was getting $75,000 a NIGHT to take off her clothes. You can search the Archives of my column for a single anti-male word, but, good heavens, fellas, you guys can be idiots! What kind of cover charge could that entail? Why on earth would a man pay that to see lady bits he can see any night on regular old cable television?

And just parenthetically, there is no such thing as a “former” porn star. Unless the technology changes drastically, those DVD’s or tapes or YouTubes are forever, honey. Ask Paris Hilton.

We “alt-right” Bitter Bible-Clinging, gun-totin’ Lady Deplorables are supposed to really care about this. I don’t. And here’s why: I LOVE Donald Trump! There, I’ve said it. Every Democrat campaign ad I ever saw in Minnesota ends with: “Vote for Quisling H. Commsymp! The Democrat who fights for YOU!” Well, Donald J. Trump fights for ME. And America. Nobody has for a long time. Even more important, he is committed to allowing me to keep more of my own money and my own weapons to fight for MYSELF.

“But, but, but…how COULD you love Trump? You’re a WOMYN! He’s so crude, so unfaithful to his many wives; twelve years ago, he used the word ‘pussy’ in a jokey conversation he stupidly thought was private!”

Yes, I know all that. And still do not care. Hugely; I hugely do not care. I would not choose him for a husband, not even with his many billions. And I’m sure he would be crushed to know that. Not a one of his many wives has been short, average looking on her best day, or his age. All of which I am. So I guess he will just have to make do with the tall, beautiful Melania. But, see, I was voting for a President, not a husband, get the difference?

Oh Lord, it’s great to see a real street fighter on our side for a change! The three major networks, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the tedious Never Trumpers seem to get their talking points memo from the DNC every morning. To wit: “Today: Stormy; Trump said all immigrants are animals; Israel disproportionate; Trump is a Nazi, and more Stormy. If you lose this, yesterday’s memo was identical. Consider it the Default Memo going forward. Thank you.” Then they launch into full spittle-flecked attack mode. I am GLAD when the President fights back. It made me despairing and demoralized when W (whom I also liked very much) refused to defend himself, and by extension, his base.

Once Trump got the nomination and the field was narrowed to a mendacious, humorless, greedy, influence peddler with a penchant for wiping computers, like, with a cloth, or an orange-haired reality star who was against open borders, for the First and Second Amendments, and a strong supporter of Israel, there was no contest. Not one second of dithering. November 9, 2016 was one of the five or six happiest days of my life. Made ten times as sweet by all the caterwauling bawl-baby leftists losing what was left of their minds.

Not only has President Trump not disappointed me — with all he has accomplished DESPITE the Obama-appointed court jesters and many spineless, maneuvering Republican backstabbers, plus a 98% hostile media, academy, entertainment complex, and several billionaire oligarchs funding mayhem — he has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. And is still getting wind in his sails!

The sleeping giant of Deplorables is usually too busy supporting the layabouts and raising the next generation of taxpayers and military personnel to devote much attention to politics. But now we sense one last chance to stem the tsunami of political correctness and cultural rot. Heck, there’s even a slim chance with McCain (may he not die, but recover and retire in gratitude) and Flake gone, those Senate seats could flip to Republican!

Forward the march to save our Constitutional Republic and Make America Great Again.

Trump/Pence 2020; Pence/Haley 2024; Pence/Haley 2028; Haley/Candace Owens/2032! Who knows what surprising conservative could arise after that? But by the next couple of election cycles after President Haley, I will likely shuffle off this mortal coil and finally be eligible to vote Democrat – at least twice.

Oh, I also wouldn’t be averse to some kind of “job-sharing” gig for Diamond and Silk as Presidential Press Secretaries in one of those early administrations. Picture Jim Acosta double-teamed by those two forces of nature!

I am agog at the patience, brains, and fighting spirit of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Whatever she’s being paid, it should include combat pay. I’m pretty sure I would have gone full John Wick by the third Press Conference. “Asked and answered ten times, you speechifying, blathering, biased, bigoted, boring, brain-dead bimbo grandstander,” is probably not an approved response in the Press Secretary’s Manual — even to a woman. Let alone aimed at what passes for men in that funhouse reality world where genders outnumber brain cells.

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