How to help Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar really doesn’t need help in her quest to win the DFL primary this Tuesday. She’s the endorsed DFL candidate in a contest that was wired to give her a leg up to succeed Keith Ellison in Congress. To the extent they have followed her at all, the local media have followed Omar respectfully, failing to raise any uncomfortable questions or explore unresolved issues.

Yesterday one Laura Loomer disrupted Omar’s Minneapolis campaign event with fellow Democratic and Muslim congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib at the Holy Land Deli in northeast Minneapolis (video below). Loomer may think she has done something good. Having posted the video of her efforts on YouTube, she must be proud of herself. But she has faithfully served Omar’s campaign in its final days. She says she “destroy[ed]” Talib and Omar.

If Loomer had been an Omar plant, she could not have done a better job. She generated a Star Tribune story that can only generate sympathy for Omar. Omar doesn’t need assistance in portraying herself and her supporters as victims of one kind or another. In this case they would be right in a sense. They are victims of blatant stupidity.

On her Twitter feed Loomer describes herself as an investigative journalist, former Project Veritas operative and proud American Jew. The Star Tribune describes her as alt-right, whatever that is. I’ve never heard of her before. If her object was to affect Omar’s campaign adversely, she’s an idiot.


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