Arizona Troopers Association withdraws Sinema endorsement

The surprise here isn’t so much that the Arizona State Troopers Association has withdrawn its endorsement of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in the Arizona Senate race; it’s that the organization endorsed this hippie-dippie leftist in the first place. Sure, Sinema cast herself as a moderate and friend of law enforcement. But no one who was paying attention should have been fooled. Sinema was simply positioning herself for a Senate run in a state she fears won’t back an honest leftist.

Heck. I called fake on Sinema more than a year ago.

Recently, Sinema’s radical views and behavior have come into sharper focus, thanks to oppo research. But long before that — before she entered the Senate race — the evidence was there for anyone to see.

It’s not clear, however, whether the revocation of the Troopers endorsement is based on Sinema’s politics or on procedural concerns. Probably it’s based on both.

According to this report, the group’s executive board endorsed her for the open Senate seat without consulting its members. When some members complained to the press, the organization polled its members on whether they wanted to endorse Sinema or remain neutral in the race.

The members voted to remain neutral. Apparently, they weren’t given the option of voting to endorse Sinema’s opponent, Rep. Martha McSally. How embarrassing would it have been to the executive committee if that option had been presented and had prevailed?

McSally seems a more likely choice for state troopers than a candidate who called Arizona “the meth lab or democracy,” considers the state “crazy,” and undoubtedly will vote as Chuck Schumer desires virtually every time he needs her vote. Arizona is in trouble if those entrusted with preserving its safety don’t prefer McSally to Sinema.

McSally is a center-right legislator and an American hero. Her American Conservative Union (ACA) rating is the same as that of Rep. Jim Rinacci, the Republican running for the Senate in Ohio. Among Senators, it’s the same as North Dakota Republican John Hoeven’s and slightly lower than those of Sens. Thom Tillis and Lamar Alexander.

While less than ideal, this makes McSally vastly preferable to Sinema. You can help McSally defeat Sinema by contributing . I just did.