Cory Booker: No comment

This is an update on my post #WhatAboutMeToo?. I called Senator Booker’s office yesterday morning to ask his communications staffer for comment on the story discussed in the post. I was told that she (Kristin Lynch) was in a meeting but was given her name, email address and office telephone number. I forwarded a copy of my post with this message to her (including the post URL at the top of the message):

Dear Ms. Lynch: I write for the website Power Line and have been following a story related to an anonymous accuser who claims that he was accosted by Senator Booker in 2014 (see links in the post above). I called you for comment this morning and was given your email [address] by staff. I wonder if you would be willing to take a look. I would appreciate any comment you may have on behalf of Senator Booker.

Thank you for your courtesies and consideration.

Scott Johnson

I have received no comment.


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