The Area Bombing of President Trump [updated]

I’m wondering whether Buzzfeed should be known as Buzzbomb or Buzzfizz, since so many of their stories fizzle out or blow up in their own face. Or maybe we should adapt the old French-inspired phrase, “hoist by their own Buzzbomb”?

I think there might be an analogy here to the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II. Postwar studies of bombing showed that Allied air raids missed their targets most of the time, and failed to degrade German industrial output significantly (with some exceptions, such as petroleum production). The inability to hit specific targets consistently led to area bombing, with the hope that at least some of the bombs would land on target. But that was not much more effective. In fact, by some estimates, German industrial capacity at the end of the war was greater than at the beginning of the war.

This comes to mind in seeing once again this montage of the media, from Day One of the Trump presidency, seizing upon the latest “bombshell” to declare that Trump was finished. This would surely do him in. And if not this bombshell, then on to the next air raid. All of these successive media air raids on Trump are having little effect.

To extend the analogy, the Dresden raid was thought necessary or useful to degrade German morale. But like the German bombing of London in 1940, if anything it steeled the resolve and anger of Germans even if defeat was inevitable. The Mueller Report and potential impeachment, when if and when they finally come, could be the Dresden moment of the Trump Bombing Campaign.

UPDATE: It’s as though Ben Garrison read this post—