Avaricious Avenatti

At FOX News Tucker Carlson dubbed attorney Michael Avenatti Creepy Porn Lawyer. CNN and MSBNC couldn’t get enough of Avenatti trashing Trump. They treated him as a valued guest and highly credible critic of President Trump. Indeed, they all but invited to run for president. He fit right in to their nonstop Trump hatefest.

The Free Beacon’s David Rutz thought to toted up the amount airtime CNN and MSNBC devoted to Avenatti. As of May 2018, Rutz found that Avenatti had appeared 108 times and received nearly $175 million in free media during his appearances on the networks over the previous two months. The excitement was palpable.

In a fitting coda to his previous indictments, Avenatti was indicted today in the Southern District of New York based on charges of fraud and identity theft resulting in the transfer of part of a book advance owed to his client (i.e., Stormy Daniels). Having fraudulently secured the funds properly belonging to Daniels, Avenatti then spent the funds principally for his own personal and business purposes.

The United States Attorney for the Southern District has posted a press release announcing the charges here. I have embedded the indictment below. Jim Geraghty comments on it here.

Creepy Porn Lawyer is certainly a well-deserved nickname, but the guy is a lying scumbucket to boot. Maybe they amount to the same thing. In any case, Carlson has proved himself a better journalist and judge of character than everyone at CNN and MSNBC combined.

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