Talking about the Times

Yesterday afternoon Seth Leibsohn invited me to discuss the peculiar dishonesty of the New York Times on intelligence and national security issues at the top of hour 2 of his AM 960 The Patriot show in Phoenix. Seth was up to speed on everything I’ve written about this branch of the poisonous Times tree over the past 15 years.

Most recently, I returned to the subject in “The Assange indictment” (May 25), in “Tears of the Times” (May 27), and in “The Times wants to know” and “The Times wants to know, cont’d” (both May 28). I discussed the law bearing on the issues in the 2006 Weekly Standard column “Exposure,” which Seth had clearly reread. I’ve embedded the podcast version of Seth’s two segments with me for readers who might be interested.

Roger Kimball captured the gist of the discussion in fewer than 280 characters on Twitter.

NOTE: You may want to scroll through the audio clips of Seth’s recent shows posted at the link on Seth’s name above. Hour 2 of Seth’s May 17 show, for example, includes Seth’s discussion with Bill McClay about his new history of the United States. The show is also accessible in podcasts posted here, the page from which I lifted the podcast above.